If MLM reps are all about #cleaneating and #allnatural trends, then they should be all about this #cleanenergy trend emerging in direct sales. NAP was positioned to ride the wave, but despite years in business and even snatching a spot on the Forbes list, this company couldn’t make the MLM model work for them in [...]

Everyone’s trying to make money off mobile apps nowadays, not just the developers. There’s been a lot of buzz lately about mobile app companies that promise affiliate users money for using and sharing. But if you could really make bank chilling in bed scrolling through social media, don’t you think everyone would already be doing [...]

The creation of the internet was a revolutionary act that forged a global network, from Kenya to London, of everyday people, coming together to… …play Angry Birds, troll innocent children, and get paid for clicks. Basically, most activity on the internet can be summed up by one of three things: video games, bullying, or get [...]

Social media is one of the latest frontiers MLM has decided to cross, and Empowr is at the front of that line. Empowr, “the world’s first democratic social platform”, claims to return its profits to the community of users on their network. Their website talks about how they are “committed to Democracy, Sharing, Sustainability and [...]

If you’ve read my reviews, you know that MLMs are like zombies – they’re impossible to kill. As soon as they die, they get back up, slap a different name on their forehead, and keep on walking. DS Domination is on its last limb, but it's already making a comeback in the form of a [...]

Gucci, Louis, Fendi, Prada...Sheep Placenta? Nature's Care is rebranding, and they want to become the first luxury nutrition brand. With bizarre products like Sheep Placenta in pill form selling in the hundreds, they might do it. Does this mean I'm involved? This video explains everything: // Make sense? Either way, here's the full review on [...]

Finding information on United Games is like trying to get the dirty details from a secret society without joining. Their homepage is just a giant sign-up sheet, and you can’t access the rest of their site without entering a code. I don’t know if that’s supposed to give off an air of exclusivity, but even [...]

Lane Nemeth may have lost her passion project to a greedy venture capitalist and the MLM giants known as Avon, but Discovery Toys is still going strong without her. Educational toys and direct sales combined? Sounds like a stay-at-home-mom's dream side gig. Just don't get carried away thinking it'll be anything more than that. Have [...]

An MLM with a product that generates its own income? No, this isn't Wealth Generators, but it's not too far off. Does this mean I'm involved? This video explains everything: // Make sense? Either way, here's the full review on iMarketsLive, the company. iMarketsLive officially launched in July of 2013, and they’ve gathered up a [...]