Chloe + Isabel is shaking things up faster than Shakira's hips can say they don't lie. They're one of those MLMs that actually has a legit, inspiring founder’s story instead of your typical “The Sleaze King just founded his 7th network marketing company in 4 years” story. Chloe + Isabel is actually Chantel Waterbury's very [...]

If there's one thing that suburban moms love more than stay at home direct sales opportunities, it's organizing goodies and knick knacks. Clever Container combines both, and they've made a killing. Does this mean I'm involved? This video explains everything: // Make sense? Either way, here's the full review on Clever Container. Clever Container was [...]

What’s the sales pitch this time? “Choose certain gold in uncertain times.” Of course, this is MLM, so it’s not so much about investing in gold so much as it’s about selling the opportunity to sell the opportunity to invest in gold. Recruitment, recruitment, recruitment. But they do it well. Have I been involved? This [...]

LegalShield was once a big, bad, publicly-traded company on the New York Stock Exchange...until they went private faster than a celebrity in rehab. Judging from some of their past scandals and legal troubles, going private was definitely a smart move. Have I been involved? This video explains everything: // Make sense? Either way, here's the [...]

What do you call someone who gives people advice on how to get rich when their monthly paycheck is still in the double digits? A Life Leadership affiliate. Too harsh? Okay, a handful of people might make pretty good money with Life Leadership, but have I been involved? This video explains everything: // Make sense? [...]

We all know that girl who swears that she always feels healthy and energized because she walks around barefoot in the mud a few times a week. Something about the ground's electric force soaking into her feet and how wearing shoes blocks healthy ions coming from the earth blah blah blah. LifeWave's "miracle patch", a sticker you [...]

A direct marketing company that sells picnic baskets sounds adorable. Adorable, wholesome, all-American, and like something that would do really well... 1953. Depression-era, handwoven oak baskets are great, but people aren't exactly jumping at the chance to gather around a friend's dining table and discuss them. That being said, Longaberger is still around. Does [...]

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