Amazon FBA Ninja Review – Is Kevin David’s FBA course a scam?

Amazon FBA Ninja is a video course that teaches you how to start a successful Amazon FBA business.
Kevin David, Amazon FBA Ninja Founder

In our Amazon FBA Ninja review, I’ll tell you if this course is worth considering.

Amazon FBA is a good business model for people with some startup capital. It’s

If you’ve got startup capital for an FBA business, though, that means you have enough money to invest in your education.

Not only will investing in your education save you from costly failures, but applying what you learn will dramatically decrease the time it takes to reach success.

Amazon FBA Ninja is one among many FBA courses, so you’re probably wondering if it’s any better than other courses.

Continue reading our Amazon FBA Ninja review for more information.


1.) What is Amazon FBA Ninja? Amazon FBA Ninja is a video course that teaches you how to start, build, and scale and FBA business. It was created by Kevin David.

2.) Who is Kevin David? Kevin David is an internet marketer, entrepreneur, podcaster, YouTuber, and founder of THATLifestyleNinja, which sells online business courses like Amazon FBA Ninja. All his life, he’s been an entrepreneurial person. His main business success was in Amazon FBA. Before FBA, however, he was an employee at Facebook and before that, Big 4 accounting firm PwC.

3.) What’s included in Amazon FBA Ninja? Amazon FBA Ninja’s main content is a series of 8 core modules each consisting of multiple parts. Each part has multiple video lessons. The modules are as follows: Product Research with 3 parts, Suppliers and Shipping with 3 parts, Listing Optimization and Ranking with 3 parts, Product Launch Strategy with 2 parts, Email Follow Up and Review with 2 parts, Amazon PPC and AMS with 3 parts, Facebook Marketing with 3 parts, and Millionaire Seller Hacks with 3 parts.

4.) What bonuses are included in Amazon FBA Ninja? Amazon FBA Ninja’s main bonus is a set of 3 bonus modules that teach the basics of selling popular products on Amazon. Other bonuses include 1-on-1 access to Kevin David, questions of the week, and access to a private Facebook group with over 4,000 other members.

5.) What is Zon Ninja Masterclass? It’s just another name for Amazon FBA Ninja. Zon comes from the end of the word Amazon. I’ll be referring to the course as Amazon FBA Ninja throughout this Amazon FBA Ninja review.

6.) What is Amazon FBA? Amazon FBA stands for Amazon Fulfillment By Amazon. This is a program that allows entrepreneurs to use Amazon’s online marketplace and fulfillment to launch product-based businesses.

7.) How does Amazon FBA work? To start an FBA business, need to sign up for an Amazon Seller account. Once you create an account, it’s up to you to find products, determine pricing, and list them on Amazon. Then, you ship your inventory to one of Amazon’s Fulfillment Centers. From there, Amazon handles everything else when a customer orders your product. They even provide customer service.

8.) What’s the difference between Amazon FBA and Amazon affiliate marketing? Amazon FBA allows you to start your own product-based business. The Amazon Affiliate Program lets you sell all of Amazon’s products as an affiliate. It’s like comparing affiliate marketing to dropshipping.

9.) What is Amazon Marketing Services? Amazon Marketing Service, or AMS for short, is Amazon’s dedicated marketing service for Amazon sellers. It offers 3 types of ad formats: Sponsored Product Ads, Headline Search Ads, and Product Display Ads.

10.) What is Pay Per Click? Pay Per Click, or PPC for short, is an online advertising model where the advertiser pays the site they’re running their ads on each time a viewer of that site clicks the ad. Pay Per Click is also known as Cost Per Click, or CPC for short.

11.) What is Merch by Amazon? Merch by Amazon is Amazon’s print-on-demand service.

12.) What is print-on-demand? Print-on-demand is a business model where products are created upon being ordered. For example, a print-on-demand shirt store creates shirts as they are ordered.

13.) What are all of Kevin’s webinars for? Kevin uses webinars as part of the beginning of his sales funnel for all his courses. He covers a snapshot of information that the webinar’s respective course covers to draw in prospective customers.

14.) Does this course have any written material? No.

15.) Does this course’s content ever get out of date? No. Similar to Amazing Selling Machine, Amazon FBA Ninja is constantly updated with new information to keep up with changing FBA features and market trends.

16.) What are the names of Amazon FBA Ninja’s private Facebook group? Amazon FBA Ninja’s public Facebook group is called “FBA Ninjas!”. It’s private Facebook group is called Zon Ninja Exclusive Student/Family Group (Blackbelts).

17.) What happens in Amazon FBA Ninja’s Facebook group? Amazon FBA Ninja’s public Facebook groups is where people can ask questions and discuss FBA with each other. The private Facebook group is where current Amazon FBA Ninja students can share their successes and help each other reach greater success in FBA. Kevin pops in and answers questions as well. Both groups provide links to discounted FBA resources.

18.) How long do I have access to Amazon FBA Ninja once I buy it? You get lifetime access to Amazon FBA Ninja once you buy it.

19.) How much does Amazon FBA Ninja cost? Amazon FBA Ninja costs $1,997 up front. Alternatively, you can buy the course for 5 monthly payments of $599. They also let you apply for and use PayPal credit if you’d like.

20.) Does Amazon FBA Ninja have a free trial? No. They do offer their money back guarantee. See FAQ #26 for more information.

21.) Does Amazon FBA Ninja have any upsells? Yes, it’s Kevin’s Shopify Ninja masterclass. It’s not pushed in the course, but it’s suggested to you as an alternative to Amazon FBA Ninja on some of Amazon FBA Ninja’s sales pages.

22.) What is Amazon FBA Ninja’s refund policy? Amazon FBA Ninja offers a 100% money back guarantee if you submit a refund request within 14 days of purchasing the course. To get this refund, you can’t view 40% or more of the course material as they’d consider you to have seen too much of their intellectual property. They also offer an “action-based” refund plan if you did the course and aren’t satisfied. To claim this refund, you must complete 100% of Module 1, complete Kevin’s 6 Steps of Product Research and find 3 products using Module 1’s strategies then submit those to Kevin, write or comment at least once a week in the Facebook group, and obtain 3 quotes from potential manufacturers for the product you’re considering for your FBA business.  All discounted purchases are non-refundable, no exceptions.

23.) Does Amazon FBA Ninja have an affiliate program? Yes. There is no data on affiliate earnings, even inside the affiliate program.

24.) What is Amazon FBA Ninja’s BBB rating? The BBB doesn’t seem to have information on any of Kevin David’s businesses.

25.) Is Amazon FBA Ninja a scam? No. The information contained within the course is what Kevin used to succeed in FBA.

26.) Comparable products: Amazing Selling Machine, Jim Cockrum’s Amazon Course, Amazon Seller Mastery

Amazon FBA Ninja Review – Overview

Amazon FBA Ninja is a course that teaches you how to start, build, and scale a successful Amazon FBA business. It was created by Kevin David, a relatively unfamiliar internet marketer.

Kevin graduated college Summa Cum Laude with an accounting degree, starting at Big 4 accounting firm PwC. Accounting busy season’s 80-hour work weeks must’ve gotten the best of him because he jumped ship after a few years and became a privacy consultant for Facebook in Menlo Park.

He liked his Facebook gig more, but working for someone else didn’t sit well with him. When he discovered Amazon FBA one late night at the Facebook office, he pulled the trigger and started his own FBA business.

It didn’t take him long to achieve success.

The Amazon product research tool Junglescout even has a case study about the guy.

Since his FBA success, he started his online course company THATLifestyleNinja.

You probably noticed Kevin is driven by his hate for the 9-5 and his desire to free others from their desk jobs. He even says so on his website. All of THATLifestyleNinja’s courses show students how to quit their jobs and work for themselves online.

Amazon FBA Ninja is his Amazon FBA course. Should you buy it?

Read the rest of our Amazon FBA Ninja review below.


Amazon FBA Ninja’s main content consists of 8 modules split into multiple parts, with each part containing multiple video lessons. The modules are Product Research with 3 parts, Suppliers and Shipping with 3 parts, Listing Optimization and Ranking with 3 parts, Product Launch Strategy with 2 parts, Email Follow Up and Review with 2 parts, Amazon PPC and AMS with 3 parts, Facebook Marketing with 3 parts, and Millionaire Seller Hacks with 3 parts.

All the course content is updated regularly to keep up with market trends and changes in FBA rules. Since you have lifetime access to Amazon FBA Ninja, all these updates are free for you once you buy the course.

There is also a bonus module that teaches topics like niche selection, software, and international selling. Other bonuses include access to a private Facebook group with over 4,000 other members and live Q&A sessions in that group. Bonuses can be accessed in the “STUDENT NINJA EXTRAS” module.

Product Research introduces just that. Product research.

Before you get to researching potential products, Part 1 gives you some Amazon FBA advice and resources. It also walks you through how to set up your account in a way that makes your FBA venture as lucrative as possible.

Part 2 dives straight into product research, covering everything from free research tools like Google Keyword Planner to research methods for targeting international markets. It even talks about Junglescout, an Amazon tool that I’ve also reviewed.

Part 3 is much shorter and covers miscellaneous information like fees and pricing mistakes.

Module 2 covers Suppliers and Shipping.

Part 1 preps you for supplier outreach. You’re given tips on supplier relations, templates to maximize supplier response, and some of Kevin’s shipping/supplier resources.

Then Part 2 shows you how to take these tips and templates to find a great supplier for your product. First, Kevin covers finding the cheapest Alibaba products and shipping them directly from China to the Amazon FBA Warehouse to save on product costs. The process is similar to dropshipping. Then, you’ll learn about how to strike deals with American manufacturers to save money and time on shipping if you live in the US.

Part 3 just covers product inspection. Kevin shares companies he trusts to inspect products for quality so you can save time inspecting all the products yourself.

Module 3 shifts gears towards Listing Optimization and Ranking.

In Part 1, there are a series of videos containing preliminary information about listing optimization. These videos show you how to “steal” competitor keywords while shielding your own keywords from their eyes. It’ll also touch on pricing and trademark issues, and of course there’s a list of listing optimization resources included.

Part 2 walks you step-by-step through creating a “world-class” Amazon listing. Keyword ranking, bullet copywriting, and mistakes to avoid are all taught. Kevin also shows you how to use product page videos to demonstrate the product in action to increase sales.

Part 3 covers what to do when you run out of stock and how to avoid doing so. It’ll also teach you what to do when other sellers “hijack” your listings by selling the same product your brand sells.

Module 4 get into Product Launch Strategy.

This module only has two parts. Part 1 gives a few lessons on video ads and finding customer questions about your products. As always, there are product launch resources.

Part 2 covers everything about the launch. Things like pricing, advertising, customer email collection, running sales, and product launch services are discussed.

Module 5 has 2 sections about email marketing, focusing on Email Follow Up and Reviews.

As always, Part 1 tells you what you need to know before creating email campaigns and gives you some email marketing resources. Kevin covers

Part 2 is basically a mini email copywriting course.  You’ll learn a few email marketing and copywriting tactics to build rapport with customers, maximize conversions, and bring back repeat business.

Module 6 gets into paid traffic through Amazon PPC and AMS campaigns.

Part 1’s really short. All Kevin does here is tell an anecdote about flying to Brazil by spending money on Pay Per Click (PPC) ads and explains why you need to use Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) to succeed in FBA.

Part 2 covers the entire ad campaign process. You start by learning keyword research, then Kevin shows you a ton of other details to be aware of when crafting your ad campaigns.

Then in Part 3, you learn about PPC campaign optimization. Kevin shows you how to find the keywords you’re ranking for to fine tune your ads, as well as how to optimize multiple campaigns in only minutes.

Facebook Marketing is a very broad topic, so it gets its own module in Module 7.

Part 1 of this module introduces you to Facebook ads. You’ll learn how to create custom Facebook ads audiences based on your real Amazon FBA customers as well as how to build highly specific Facebook groups relevant to your Amazon business.

Part 2 goes right into Facebook ads. You’ll learn how to become an expert at targeting the correct audience with Facebook ads. The process of building a sales funnel with Clickfunnels has its own video lesson as well.

Like any business course, Part 3 gives some introductory lessons on scaling and automation.

Lastly, there’s Module 8 that covers Millionaire Seller Hacks.

This module has tons of other details for polishing your business that didn’t fit in neatly with other modules.

Part 1 is all about prevention. It teaches how to prevent hackers from taking over your account, how to find the profiles of reviewers, and even how to remove negative seller feedback. That last one’s a bit questionable, but as long as you are selling useful products, then no big deal.

Part 2 is crammed full of other tactics to increase sales. For example, you learn how to get your products to show up in “frequently bought together”, incentivizing customers to bundle your products together. Another topic Kevin covers is using multiple accounts to mitigate the risk of having your seller account suspended. Other scaling topics like hiring virtual assistants and cross-listing on eBay are also taught.

And if your seller account gets suspended, refer to Part 3. Kevin’s got a few secrets for recovering your account after a suspension.

I like the structure of each module. Part 1 introduces you with information on the topic, Part 2 shows you how to apply the information successfully, and Part 3 teaches you how to tweak whatever the module covers to stay profitable.

The Bonus Module contains several more video lessons as well as some bonus resources.

The first lesson is about niche selection. Kevin teaches you how to identify untapped niches that have the potential to make you thousands.

Then, there’s a lesson entirely dedicated to software. You’ll learn how to use product research tools and other software to maximize profits and save time.

After that is a lesson on Amazon selling with no USA bank account. Sellers outside the US will find this lesson helpful.

Lesson 4 covers Merch by Amazon, Amazon’s print-on-demand service. The service is simple to use, but Kevin’s video lesson will teach you how to make $10,000 a month just selling print-on-demand products on Amazon.

The last lesson is for UK sellers.

There’s a Facebook group for the Amazon FBA Ninja community.

Here, you can discuss successes and failure with other students. You can also ask questions for either the group or Kevin to answer.

There are links to discounted FBA resources in the group as well.

This group is not to be confused for “FBA Ninjas!”, the public group for anyone interested in Amazon FBA.

There’s some good info in this group, but many have complained it’s mostly people showing off their progress. Nothing wrong with showing your progress to the community you’re in, but it’s not very helpful for everyone else.

In the Facebook group, Kevin holds live Q&A sessions.

Unlike other Facebook groups, Kevin claims he answers every single question his students send in. If true, that level of access is not seen in many other groups.


Amazon FBA Ninja’s 1 true upsell is the Shopify Ninja course. Shopify Ninja has 5 modules that cover finding products, locating dropshipping suppliers, Shopify store optimization, marketing, and scaling.

Bonuses include bonus videos similar to Amazon FBA Ninja’s, a done-for-you sales funnel, and access to a Shopify Ninja private Facebook group.

Shopify Ninja’s structure is similar to Amazon FBA Ninja’s.


Amazon FBA Ninja costs $1,997 up front. Alternatively, you can buy the course for 5 monthly payments of $599 if you can’t afford the $1,997 up front.

Shopify Ninja costs $997, or you can opt for 3 monthly payments of $497.

The sales page for Amazon FBA Ninja has a struck-through price of $3,994, but I don’t think the price is moving an inch from $1,997 anytime soon.

Affiliate Program

Amazon FBA Ninja has an affiliate program. Unfortunately, there is no data on potential affiliate earnings anywhere, not even in the affiliate program itself.

But if you join, the affiliate program provides you with all the marketing materials you need. All you have to do is use them to sell Amazon FBA Ninja to your audience.

For some reason, many of these course creators make it unnecessarily difficult to find their affiliate signup page, so here it is.

Just fill in your personal and payment information, click Create Account, and you should be ready to start as an affiliate.


Amazon FBA Ninja is not a scam. It’s a pretty good course, even for the price. Like I said earlier, you should be willing to invest in your education if you’re willing to shell out thousands to buy inventory ahead of time.

Unsure if you want to get Amazon FBA Ninja? I reviewed another Amazon FBA course, too. It’s not always open though, so if you can’t find a way to join, you might have to play the waiting game if you don’t want to buy Amazon FBA Ninja.

However, I’ll Paypal you $500 if you show me a better business to start than our method.

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