What happened to Wake Up Now, you're probably wondering? Short answer: they had a nice lil run, but it was a generic money-getting scheme. They caught flame for awhile, then fizzled out. This video might help ya grasp it fully: // Make sense? Either way, this breaks it down better for ya. #14. The epitome [...]

These guys are like the Coca-Cola of network marketing. Except the German version and without the flashy marketing campaigns. They've gotten seriously huge - up there with Avon and Amway. But does this mean I'm involved with this German MLM? This video explains everything: // Make sense? Either way, here's 13 unexpected things you should [...]

These guys are like the mad scientists of natural medicine, and they've created a super-powered, ultra-potent aloe blend that claims to have a lot of healing properties. Their Frankenstein aloe has won them lots of sales and a near monopoly on the aloe market (well, Forever Living might disagree). Does this mean I'm involved? This video [...]