Their website says you could live a 1000 years… Assuming, of course, you use their products. LifeVantage is an MLM direct selling company based in Sandy, UT, that manufactures and distributes nutritional supplements, specializing in NRF2 science and biohacking your health. The company began with a retail model in 2003 but switched over to a [...]

Nu Skin isn’t new to the MLM industry, so they know the ropes. While other companies are finding their way, Nu Skin is quietly doing their thing… Making billions while they’re at it. Nu Skin Enterprises is a multi-level marketing company that has peddled skincare products since 1984, selling products under the brand names of [...]

The newest trend in health and wellness is a game-changer… And IDLife is one of the first to turn it into a business. IDLife is a multi-level marketing company that produces and sells organic nutritional supplements (like Herbalife or TSFL). But with a twist: you won’t find any generic packages of vitamins here. IDNutrition is a [...]

If you’re looking for a strong MLM that’s been in business longer than most, Herbalife should be at the top of your list. Herbalife may be one of the most well-known MLM opportunities. Certainly one of the largest and most controversial (up there with Amway, Scentsy, and Advocare). Independent Herbalife members sell health, wellness, and skin [...]

Blueberries and stem cells are trending big… Which is what Kyani is banking on with their elite, health-based product line. Kyani is a superfood MLM that primarily focuses on wild Alaskan blueberries, Omega 3s, and stem cells. From a small family business started in Idaho Falls, Idaho, to a worldwide company, Kyani has grown quite substantially [...]

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