Jeremy Page

Forever Green (FG Xpress) is a multi-level marketing company that sells products related to nutrition and weight management. Ron Williams, a veteran of the multi-level marketing industry, founded in the company in 2004 and has built it into a company that has over 50 employees and over 50,000 independent distributors worldwide. Does this mean I'm [...]

Nu Skin Enterprises is a multi level marketing company that has peddled skin care products since 1984. They sell products under the brand name of Pharmanex. Despite several investigations by the Federal Trade Commissions during the 1990s for false advertisement and lying about income generated by its distributors, they were still listed as one of [...]

NuCerity is a U.S. based dermatology company founded in 2009 out of Houston, Texas. NuCerity is currently operating out of more than 16 countries and has anywhere from 27,000-32,000 distributors marketing their product line for them. Their most recognizable product is the Skincerity Nightly Breathable Masque. Does this mean I'm involved? This video explains everything: [...]

ID Life is a multi-level marketing company that produces and sells organic nutritional supplements. The company was founded in 2014 by CEO Logan Stout. The headquarters is based in Frisco, TX. ID Life has a series of nutritional and weight management products. Although the company has only been operating for 2 years, a group of [...]

Herbalife may be one of the most well-known MLM opportunities. Certainly one of the largest and most controversial. Independent Herbalife members sell health, wellness, and skincare products directly to consumers; they may also develop their own sales teams and build their own business, earning commission based on their team members’ sales, too. One of the biggest [...]

Kyani is a superfood MLM that primarily focuses on wild, Alaskan blueberries. From a small family business started in Idaho Falls, Idaho, to a worldwide company, Kyani has grown quite substantially since it's beginning in 2005. The promise to globalize health with their product is quite ambitious, however they have crept into 44 countries worldwide since [...]

Evolv Health offers healthy living nutritional products in a unique and powerful way that combines the power of direct marketing with the motivational forces of social responsibility. Evolv Health is a very different kind of MLM company. Instead of being solely profit driven, this company takes on its social responsibilities by giving back to the [...]

Essante Organic offers refreshing and exciting innovation in the overcrowded marketplace of natural, non-toxic, and organic products. When you think of green and organic products, one MLM always comes to mind. Essante Organics USA has been in the organic healthy living industry for many years. Having so many years behind them, this natural health company has [...]

Global Wealth Trade allows consumers to buy luxury fashion house items directly from the designers and manufacturers through its Independent Luxury Consultants (LCs). LCs earn commissions on the products they sell, along with commissions based on the sales of new LCs who join the company under their sponsorship. The company’s VIP customer program offers consumers [...]