Jeremy Page

This is the ultimate list. Here are the best network marketing opportunities of 2017 based off of trends, speculation and your ability to thrive. Before diving in, you should watch this video. It quickly covers the MLM industry: // Here we go: (June 2017 update: Dave Wood has temporarily stepped down after checking into drug rehab). [...]

These guys have been around forever, and I'll just say it now: it’s definitely not a scam. But is it a good deal? Well, do you consider paying double the price for your services a good deal? Of course, what you're really paying for with that 100% jump in price is the right to push the [...]

If Britney Spears were an MLM instead of a washed up mega-pop-star, she'd be MonaVie. Think Britney cerca 2001, back when her posters graced the bedroom walls of every teenager in America and she was pulling multi-million dollar contracts for a 30 second spot with Pepsi. MonaVie was pretty close to being on that level [...]

It’s hard to decide which MLM products are the shadiest…it might be financial coaching, but “tech” products and legal services are a close second, and let’s not forget travel and shopping discount memberships. Well, MWR Life wraps them all up into one MLM-tastic package with a big, bright red sticker on top that says “sue [...]

There are HORDES of MLMs out there now that claim to teach you all the ins and outs of how to get rich on the internet, whether it’s through affiliate marketing, dropshipping, or lead generation. Back in 2008 when My Lead System Pro launched, they were one of the first. They even came around before [...]

How many people do you know who still create elaborate scrapbooks with their photos? How many of those people are eligible for the senior citizens discount at IHOP? Scrapbooking is going the way of a lot of 80s & 90s trends. But unlike parachute pants and vinyl records, it's not getting a hipster revival. MLMs [...]

Kairos Technologies sounds like some sketchy, big brother company from a 90s teen flick. I'm picturing a group of disinterested college students dressed in all black doing matrix-like moves past security guards and laser beams to break into a multi-million dollar company and expose their secrets. Turns out, the actual Kairos Technologies is nowhere near [...]

It's worthless, low quality, tacky, flimsy…and there’s a huge market for it. Costume jewelry. There are entire stores in the mall dedicated to cheap necklaces and earrings that break or tarnish after five wears (hello Forever 21), because cheap fashion is what the people want. They want runway looks that cost them pennies on the [...]

Oriflame wants to be Prom Queen at the MLM Ball, and they just might win the crown…if they can knock out a few serious contenders on their way to the top. Their vision is to become the #1 beauty direct sales company in the world, and they’re only a few slots off. However, some of [...]

If I were alone in a dark alley and a strange hooded figure approached me, I'd rather it be a big-time member of some drug cartel come to kidnap and hold me for ransom than a OneCoin affiliate. Okay, maybe they're not quite that bad, but the company definitely has trust issues. Was I ever involved? [...]