Rankings: 10 best cosmetic MLMs of 2019

You’re here to check out the best cosmetic MLMs.

Good news is, it’s only getting bigger with the growing popularity of beauty bloggers, makeup vloggers, and lifestyle Instagrammers.

There’s a lot of money to be made here.

If you’re investigating these companies because you love cosmetics, that’s great.

However, after being in the network marketing industry for years, I haven’t seen anything better than this.

(As far as your ability to make money from the internet..)

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So have I been promoting any of them?

Either way, here are the top 10 best cosmetics MLMs:

#1. Amway

Amway isn’t just the #1 cosmetics MLM…they’re the #1 MLM period. They have been for years, and their domination isn’t taking a break anytime soon. They do a whopping $8+ billion a year in revenue…their competition, #2 Avon, does only around $5 billion a year.

To give you an idea of just how massive these guys are…Sephora, the massive makeup store to end all makeup stores where pretty much every beauty blogger gets their gear does just $4 billion in annual revenue.

#2. SeneGence

I’m not sure what happened over the past year, but this company is on FIRE. They’ve been all over social media, trending like crazy, and I’ve seen people get sucked into selling for them left and right. Their famous long-lasting lipstick line, LipSense, clearly has something to do with the crazy hype.

If they can sustain this, SeneGence could really become one of the greats. They’ve already been ranked #47 on the Direct Selling Momentum Ranks, so they’re well on their way.

#3. Arbonne

Arbonne is pretty much a household name by now. They’ve been around for over 4 decades, and their focus on cruelty-free, botanical, sustainable products has really increased their popularity as of late. In fact, Arbonne has been pushing cruelty-free, naturally-based products since way back in the 80s – long before it was the new trendy thing to do.

All their products are now shipped carbon neutral, their packaging is recyclable, ingredients are largely biodegradable, and they use soy-based ink.

All their products are now shipped carbon neutral, their packaging is recyclable, ingredients are largely biodegradable, and they use soy-based ink. We’ve all witnessed the crazy growth that companies like LUSH have seen in recent years – could Arbonne become the LUSH of MLM?

#4. Belcorp

While they haven’t quite made the name for themselves in the U.S. that other cosmetics MLMs have, this beauty MLM (creators of cosmetics line L’Bel) is taking over Latin America. In fact, they’re currently the 3rd largest cosmetic company in all of Central and South America. They also produce a couple other lines, like Esika and Cyzone.

Although they’re a private company, and thus don’t have to disclose their revenue, here’s a hint: their president recently appeared on the Forbes Billionaires list. Yeah. [2]

#5. Younique

If you’re looking for a hot, new, trendy cosmetics MLM, this is it. They certainly live up to their name. For one, they’ve sworn off auto-ship and home parties (as every MLM should by now) in favor of using social media marketing to sell their products. Welcome to the 21st century MLM. *slow clap*

They also use their own consultants as models in their catalogs rather than professional models, which is pretty cool. The company is very into empowering women with their product and income opportunity.

On top of all of this, their products are trendy and well-liked by customers. Their flagship product, the 3D Fiber Lashes, quickly became one of the most popular mascaras in the entire cosmetics world, not just MLM. Because of it, their sales have been off the charts, and new distributors have been joining left and right. Younique has been named one of the fastest growing companies in Utah and the greater United States more than once, and in 2015, the company announced that they’d started topping $3 million in revenue per day. 

To back their valuation, conglomerate Coty bought a majority stake in Younique earlier this year for a whopping $600 million. [1] Expect to see big things from them.

#6. Mary Kay

Every last one of us knows about the Pink Ladies in their Pink Caddies. Mary Kay is legendary. When it comes to cosmetics, they’re arguably on top. Avon may be ranked a few spots higher in terms of revenue (Avon is #2 in the world and Mary Kay is #5), but to be honest, the future is looking much brighter for Mary Kay, and their revenue hasn’t taken nearly such a harsh blow in recent years as Avon’s has.

They’re one of the pioneers, and they’re not going anywhere. With a 50% commission rate, their distributors aren’t going anywhere either.

#7. Perfectly Posh

This is a beauty MLM with a twist: instead of making women feel like crap about themselves, which cosmetics companies do all too often, they focus on lifting women up and making them feel better. Their M.O.? Self-care.

Self-care is a HUGE trend right now, and Perfectly Posh is Perfectly Positioned to leverage the hype. They seem to already be doing so. In 2014, they reported sales at $50 million, and I’m sure they’re even higher now. The company has been getting new distributors so quickly they can’t keep up – they’re now at over 45,000. Distributors are also not required to keep any stock on hand, which is a huge plus.

#8. Avon

It’s no secret that Avon has been struggling in recent years. In fact, they announced the closure of all their North American operations recently, which is a huge blow. Their revenue has fallen from $10 billion in 2013 to just over $5 billion in 2016. That’s an impressive drop.

That being said, a lot of MLMs tanked around that time, and Avon is still ranked #2 in the world. That’s gotta stand for something, right?

#9. Oriflame

Oriflame is huge, and they want to be even bigger. In fact, their goal is to beat out rivals Avon and Mary Kay to become the top beauty MLM in the entire world.

Looking at their numbers, they could do it. They’re already hitting $1.5 billion a year in revenue, and they’ve got 3.6 million consultants worldwide (more distributors than Mary Kay, actually).

This Swedish MLM may not have the hold on the U.S. like Mary Kay and Avon do, but they’re taking over virtually every other part of the globe: Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America. Plus, Avon recently lost their hold on North America anyway. Watch out ladies, Oriflame is coming through.

#10. J.R. Watkins

This company is probably better known for their home cleaning products and kitchen goods, but they actually have a pretty extensive line of face and body care products as well.

The reason they’re on here is that their vintage charm and focus on all-natural, quality products could really help them grow their space in the cosmetics niche over the next few years. These things are trending hard, and few MLMs are doing them well.

Not too long ago the FDA banned a long list of chemicals and ingredients that are often used in body and beauty products. Almost every major company had to quickly reformulate their products to comply, but J.R. Watkins products never contained those harmful ingredients in the first place. They’re one of the most trusted names in MLM.


While it’s definitely possible to make money slinging cosmetic products, that doesn’t mean it’s the best way to quit your 9-to-5 job and travel the world.

The fact is that it doesn’t really matter what the MLM is, you’re still selling an opportunity, and many times the opportunity is shut down within a few years.

If it’s financial freedom you seek and you like automated ways to build passive income, there are better ways.

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