Rankings: 10 best skincare MLMs of 2019

So you’re here to check out the best skincare multi-level marketing companies.

Although you’ve got hundreds, if not thousands, of MLMs that sell skincare products, very few do it well.

Skincare products are a massive, global market, and people are willing to shell out HUGE amounts of money for products that work (see #1 for proof).

If you’re investigating these companies because you love skin care, thats great.

However, after being in the network marketing industry for years, I haven’t seen anything better than this, as far as your ability to make money from the internet:

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Either way, here are the top 10 best skincare MLMs:

#1. Rodan + Fields

The level of domination here is just undeniable. Whenever I ask someone what the most memorable skincare product they can think of in recent history is, the answer is always this: Proactiv.

Well, these guys created Proactiv, along with a whole host of other effective and crazy popular skincare products. That’s because, unlike most skincare MLMs, Rodan + Fields was actually founded by two legit dermatologists: Dr. Kathy Fields and Dr. Katie Rodan.

Now they’re inching toward doing a billie a year in sales with a year-over-year growth rate of 90%, and they’re considered the #2 skincare brand in the entire United States. Their products are pretty pricey, but people don’t care. They’ll pay up. And you’ll make that much more in commission.

#2. Younique

Younique is one of the most innovative and creative MLMs out there. They’ve also got more buzz than an NBA player’s haircut. You’ve probably seen them flood your Facebook feed.

Just check this list:

  • Named one of Utah’s “emerging elite” in 2015
  • Exceeded $53 million in sales in ONE MONTH
  • Named “fastest growing company in the nation” by Melanie Huscroft
  • 515,000 distributors in over a dozen countries
  • No minimum order requirements and no home parties

That last part is sweet, sweet music to an MLMer’s ears. That’s right – no more stockpiling inventory you can’t sell in your closet, wasting your money on autoship, or holding those god awful, bored to tears home parties. Younique focuses on selling through social media, and they’re a master at it.

#3. Arbonne

Arbonne may be the poor man’s Mary Kay or Avon, but they’re catching up. For some perspective…Avon and Mary Kay are ranked 2 and 5 in the world, respectively, and both are doing several billion a year in sales. Arbonne is still back at #38 with just half a billion in sales. But they’ve been moving up steadily year by year.

Their focus on younger generations, on cruelty free, all-natural products, and on branding that speaks to the future could really give them a leg up over the course of the next few years. Especially when it comes to skincare. Their skincare products are known for being free of nasty chemicals and fillers that can clog up your pores, and their botanical ingredients are said to be very soothing and healing.

#4. Jeunesse

Even though they’ve been around less than a decade (launched in 2009), this has been one of the most hyped up skincare MLMs in recent years. And for good reason.

By 2016 they’d already climbed they’re way up to the top 20 on the DSN Global 100. That’s insane – they’re ranked higher than a mountain of MLMs that have been in the game for decades.

Dr. Nathan Newman, the guy behind their wondrous products, is world renowned for his work in science and engineering. He’s created some pretty astounding skincare products for Jeunesse using stem cell technology and antioxidants.

It’s also super cheap and low-risk to join Jeunesse – just a $30 start up investment.

#5. Mary Kay

There’s really no doubt out there that Mary Kay is one of the Greats when it comes to cosmetics and direct sales. Here are just a few numbers to consider: 5, 3.5 billion, 3.5 million, 50.

That’s a #5 ranking on the Global 100, topped only by 4 other MLM giants, $3.5 billion in annual sales, 3.5 million distributors worldwide, and a 50% commission rate. Mic drop.

Skincare is actually one of their largest product categories, as well. Their age-fighting moisturizer is a best seller, and it goes for $24. This isn’t dirt cheap, but it’s way less than the sticker price at a lot of other skincare MLMs. Their hand cream is only $10 and has rave reviews.

#6. Oriflame

Oriflame is the industry vet of skincare MLMs. While they can’t top the giants (hats off to Mary Kay and Avon), they’re well on their way.

Oriflame has been around since the 60s, and they’re publicly traded on the NASDAQ. This Swedish MLM sees a whopping $1.5 billion in sales each year, and they’ve got millions of consultants in over 60 countries worldwide. It’s also free to join Oriflame, which is a huge anomaly. I can only think of a very small handful of MLMs that don’t make you pay anything to become a distributor, and none of them are as big as Oriflame.

#7. Nerium

These youngsters have been around for 6 years, but it only took them 1 year to be ranked in the top 100 MLMs by Direct Selling News (#86, then #54 the following year). Their sales quickly shot up to $100 million after launch, and a year later they doubled to $200 million. The growth these guys experienced in their first few years is enough to make your head spin.

While it’s slowed down a bit, they’re still going strong. Their anti-aging products are a favorite, and they seem to actually work. Plus, distributors can unlock some pretty sweet bonuses, including a $50,000 Live Better Bonus (no, that isn’t a typo…5-figures).

#8. Nu Skin

Trust and MLM aren’t exactly two words I’d use in the same sentence, but Forbes Magazine called Nu Skin one of the “100 most trusted U.S. companies”, so I’ll take their word for it. They do regularly rake in over $2+ billion in annual revenue, and they’ve been around for over three decades.

25% commission isn’t anything special, but they still manage to pay out a little over 40% of their profits to their distributors. Because they’re one of the originals, they also still train their distributors pretty well when it comes to sales and marketing.

#9. Seacret

You know the crazy hype over dead sea skincare products that was taking over a few years back? These guys basically started it. The founders, two brothers who immigrated to the U.S. from the dead sea itself (well, from Israel), have managed to grow Seacret into a billion dollar company with a massive network of over 12k distributors. They’ve gone totally global and are landing features in Business Wire and Business2Community because of it.

#10. Pure Haven Essentials

Pure Haven Essentials screwed up big time when they first started. Formerly, Ava Anderson, they got majorly busted by the USDA for making false claims about their products. According to them, their products were naturally based and free of harmful chemicals. The USDA actually found more than one toxic chemical in their formulas…yikes.

But hey, sometimes you have to mess up big to learn big. To make sure their products fall in line with regulations now, they’re one of the few skincare MLMs that’s actually legit certified organic by the USDA. Their current interim CEO has already grown the company from $15 million to $20 million in annual revenue, so things are looking promising.


If you’re set on joining an MLM company, going the skincare route could be profitable if you have a solid warm market to sell products to.

That being said, only a tiny percentage make enough money to quit their day jobs and retire.

You’d be lucky to even hit 5-figures in an entire year with any network marketing opportunity.

The fact is that it doesn’t really matter what skin care MLM to choose, they will rarely lead to replacing your income.

If it’s financial freedom you seek and you like automated ways to build passive income, there are better ways than peddling skincare products.

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