Could Bode Pro be the next big nutrition MLM?

bodeBode Pro is a health and wellness MLM founded by BK Boreyo, the guy with over $1 billion in direct sales career earnings with companies New Vision and Vemma.

Vemma was doing hugeee sales at their peak – we’re talking hundreds of millions in revenue.

The only thing that could stop them back then was, well, the thing that always stops MLMs: the FTC.

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Either way, here’s the full review on Bode Pro.


Bode Pro started out in the USA and Canada and already expanded to Austria, Germany, and Switzerland, with plans to cover all of Europe in no time.

Vemma came under fire from the FTC for having a sketchy compensation plan and focusing too hard on recruitment (cough, pyramid scheme, cough), In 2015, the FTC shut them down, and in 2016, Vemma settled with the FTC for a whopping $238 million and an agreement to totally restructure the company. [1] Ouch.

That being said, maybe BK Boreyo learned a worthwhile lesson from all this. He certainly doesn’t let the government bullies knock him out easily. Vemma is back in action, and Bode Pro is looking promising.

Boreyo has also switched things up since his run-in with the FTC. He’s calling Bode Pro “a fresh approach to direct-to-consumer influencer marketing”. They’ve got their own start-up technology and mobile app now that are designed to help their affiliates become micro influencers and leverage social media marketing – turning their Instagram and Facebook into a social marketplace, and making money in the process.

It’s a pretty smart approach. Influencer marketing is HUGE! According to Forbes, 73% of marketers have an allocated budget for influencer marketing, and 71% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase based on a social media reference.

I’m just not so sure how well combining influencer marketing with MLM will work. It could be revolutionary…but it could also tank. More on that later.

How much does Bode Pro cost?

You have to buy a Bode Pro product first, and then you have to get at least one person to do the same. After that, it’s a one-time fee of $29.95 plus a monthly fee of $9.95.


Bode Pro’s products are “nutritional nootropics.”

If you’re wondering what the heck a nootropic is, first of all, come out from under your rock and join the rest of us. Nootropics have BLOWN UP over the past few years. Even Silicon Valley VCs are backing this stuff.

So what are they?

Basically any drugs, supplements, nutritional substances, etc that are designed to improve cognitive function. None of that diet pill crap – these pills make you smarter.

Pretty cool, if it works. Bode Pro has two flagship products right now: Bode Happy and Bode Strong.

Bode Happy

Bode Happy supplements are nootropics, so basically, they’re supposed to improve your focus, productivity, and energy. It’s marketed as a pill that gives you a mental advantage when it comes to multi-tasking and balancing the different aspects of your busy life.

1 packet of the stuff contains 24 servings and costs $53.95. At over 2 bucks a pill, you’d better hope it works. It’s a little steep, but if you’re replacing your morning coffee with this stuff, it’s probably comparable in price.

Bode Strong

Bode Strong is more like your traditional nutritional supplement. It’s meant to help you bulk up, cut fat, have more effective workouts, and boost your physical energy.

They’re set to launch a handful of other similar products with different benefits, but for now they’re just focused on the two. It’s a pretty limited range of products, but it’s kind of refreshing to see a new MLM focused on getting a few products right instead of trying to do 100 things at once and not really mastering any of them.

Compensation Plan

Their compensation plan gets you both retail profits and unilevel commission that pays down to 7 levels deep. You need to maintain at least 50PV in sales each month to qualify for the compensation plan.

Interestingly, 25 out of that 50PV must be in plain old retail sales to an actual customer rather than your downline. You can already tell they’ve strayed away from typical pyramid scheme plans (hint: My Paying Ads and Max International).

Your retail commission starts at 15%, which is pretty low. However, as you move up in rank, you can earn 20%-25%.

In order to qualify for affiliate commission, you need to be a Platinum ranked influencer or higher. It’s not too hard to do, but at least half your GV needs to come from retail sales, so you do have to actually sell product to real customers.

Residual commission pays out 7 levels deep on the following structure:

  • Platinum Influencers get 5% on their levels 1-3.
  • Star Platinum get 5% on levels 1-4.
  • 1 Star Platinum get 5% on levels 1-5.
  • 2 Star Platinum get 5% on levels 1-6.
  • 3 Star Platinum get 5% on levels 1-7.

If you rank Star Platinum or higher, you get a 5% matching bonus on the sales of your personal recruits. Move up, and that matching bonus can extend up to 4 levels deep.

They also offer pretty generous leadership and rank bonuses.


It’s still a little early to tell what’s going to happen with Bode Pro, but things are looking promising. I expect you’ll hear a lot more from Boreyo for years to come in the MLM world.

If you’re really into their products, getting in on the ground level could be a fun gig. Their compensation plan looks legit, and I don’t foresee them having major issues with Bode Pro like they did with Vemma.

However, I also don’t see too many people getting rich off this gig.

They’re trying to leverage the popularity of influencer marketing and social media, which sounds good, in theory. The problem with trying to mix influencer marketing and MLM is this: you have to already have a massive following to make any money in influencer marketing.

People trust influencers who have been around for a while and have made a name and a brand for themselves. People DON’T trust MLM, and that’s just a fact. Coming in as a nobody and spamming your friends and family on social media isn’t going to get you rich, it’s just going to get you blocked.

If it’s financial freedom you seek and you like automated ways to build passive income, there are better ways.

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