Youngevity has made a pretty big footprint in the world of nutrition MLMs, and they’re not losing steam anytime soon. Their products consist of superior ingredients along with careful packaging and handling and Youngevity claims that this is what makes their nutritional supplements different from the others. But are they right for you? We’ll let [...]

Virtual parties on social media… Cosmetics on par with CoverGirl… Payment within 3 hours of making a sale… This isn’t your mom’s beauty MLM. It’s a new (and definitely more modern) way to approach network marketing. Younique is a trendy cosmetics MLM with clever branding and marketing strategies. The 1950s are calling and they want their [...]

In most cases, things that come from Sweden seem more trustworthy, not less. But there are always exceptions. Zinzino is a health and wellness network marketing company that offers nutritional supplements like fish oil, along with a “product circle” aiming to create balanced health. Sounds great, right? Curing the world of all its ailments, lengthening the human lifespan, [...]

If you want to lose weight and lose it fast… Xyngular is probably on your radar. Xyngular is another health and wellness MLM based in Utah. Shocking, right? But they’ve been going through some crazy growth spurts recently, shooting them up to the top of the crop when it comes to Utah businesses. Are they [...]

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