Wellness products that are good for the environment… An MLM that doesn’t push recruiting… A founder who tells distributors not to invest in more product than they can sell… Seriously? Is this MLM too good to be true? Or are they really trying to make a difference? Melaleuca is a health and wellness MLM company founded [...]

Mary Kay is one of the best-known beauty multi-level marketing companies in the world… And the most popular. I mean, who hasn’t heard about their custom-made pink Cadillacs? When it comes to cosmetics direct sales, Mary Kay is almost #1 (we see you, Avon). Shoot, when it comes to MLM, they’re almost #1 with all the [...]

No one wants lipstick that smears or stains your teeth. So finding one that promises luscious lips with none of the drawbacks is attractive. Like, blow-up-the-internet attractive. Enter SeneGence… They’re a lipstick MLM better known by their flagship product: LipSense. You know those videos taking over Instagram of girls applying makeup and cosmetic products like lipstick and [...]

Monat is like the “doterra” of hair products. They “get it.” They understand that the only way a direct sales company has success is by the value created by their products. In other words, would anybody buy these if there wasn’t an “opportunity” involved? For 99% of MLMS, that answer is “no.” Why would I [...]

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