Forever Green (FG Xpress) is more than ‘pain patch’ MLM

fgForever Green (FG Xpress) is a multi-level marketing company that sells products related to nutrition and weight management.

Ron Williams, a veteran of the multi-level marketing industry, founded in the company in 2004 and has built it into a company that has over 50 employees and over 50,000 independent distributors worldwide.

So does this mean you should get involved?

Product-wise this company might be legit, but if you’re just interested in the business opportunity, there are better options out there…

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Either way, here’s the full review on FG Xpress.


The Forever Green website lists 12 products across four different brands that fill a variety of needs:

  • POWERstrips – Provides relief from sore muscles and other types of body aches.
  • SOLARstrips – Strips that dissolve on the tongue designed to provide an energy boost and enhance performance of several body systems.
  • BEAUTYstrips – Designed to give skin a more youthful look (see the top skincare MLMs).
  • AZUL – Supplement containing super fruits that boasts a variety of health benefits (like Kyani).
  • FREQUENSEA – Drinks that will support brain, skin, and immune health, among other health benefits (like Brain Abundance).
  • PURE – Droplets containing dozens of naturally occurring elements that promote heart and liver health, among other health benefits.
  • FIXX – Energy shake designed to increase endurance and assist in weight loss.
  • THUNDER – Meal replacement shake that helps reduce cravings for unhealthy foods (like ViSalus).
  • KETOPIA – A drink that can help turn fat into energy.
  • AIM – A dietary supplement that can improve metabolism.
  • PULSE-8 – A dietary supplement designed to improve blood blow and cardiovascular health.
  • RETROME – A dietary supplement that supports cell regeneration (like Stemtech).

Compensation Plan

Forever Green gives its consumers the opportunity to join the company as a distributor. New distributors are required to purchase an “All-In” starter pack for $999.95. After joining, distributors must have a monthly auto-ship order of at least $170.

The full compensation plan from Forever Green is a bit complicated, but there are five distinct ways distributors can make money in addition to selling products:

  • FastStart Bonus – Bonus for enrolling a new member, giving you a portion of their initial orders.
  • X-Tribe Bonus – A bonus big enough for you and your team members to purchase your order for the following month.
  • Team Bonus – Bonus based on the growth and success of your team.
  • Matching Bonus – Bonus for having your team members grow their own team.
  • Rank Advancement Cash Bonus – Bonus for reaching a new rank within the company.

Here are some pros about FG Xpress:

One of the biggest advantages of being a distributor with Forever Green is that the company allows you to set your own prices on the products you sell. The company doesn’t even suggest a retail price; they simply sell the products to distributors at a wholesale price and allow the distributors to take it from there. This allows you to decide how much retail commission you want to make off of each product using whatever criteria you see fit. This affords you the opportunity to haggle and negotiate with customers on prices, allowing you to lower prices for someone on a budget. This flexibility gives you more control over how much you can make from product sales.

Forever Green also brings a unique line of products to the market. Many of their products are produced by photosynthesizing Marine Phytoplankton, which is a microscopic organism that’s found on the top layer of most natural bodies of water. There are a lot of health and wellness companies in the multi-level marketing industry, but few use Marine Phytoplankton as the base of their products. If nothing else, this helps to set Forever Green apart from the competition.

Finally, Forever Green is an award-winning company, for what that’s worth. In 2015, they won the Direct Selling Management Association Growth Award, which is a big deal in the MLM industry. The company has also received a high rating from the Better Business Bureau, as it has done well to resolve the few complaints it has received.

Here are some cons about FG Xpress:

While the freedom to set your own prices and the bonus programs Forever Green has are quite enticing for distributors, the startup fee is not. The “All-In” starter pack required by the company for new distributors is $999.95, an astronomical fee compared to the sign-up cost of nearly any other multi-level marketing company. Such a high fee is almost incomprehensible, and the prospect of being $1,000 in debt right off the bat is far too risky for most people. On top of that, new distributors are required to have a monthly auto-ship order of at least $170. Even without the sign-up fee, that’s a substantial amount for a monthly auto-ship quota, only adding to the high amount of risk Forever Green distributors take on upon joining.

There’s also no indication that the company offers any type of sales or marketing training to its members. After paying such a high startup fee, one would assume the company would go to great lengths to ensure its distributors have the training and the skills to succeed, but there’s no evidence that’s the case. Without previous experience with MLM or substantial training, the chances of succeeding with a company like Forever Green are minimal.

Finally, there is a potential issue with the company’s products. While they may be unique, there doesn’t appear to be any definitive evidence that Forever Green products are approved by the FDA, although the company claims they are. The science behind Marine Phytoplankton is also lacking in definitive proof, so there’s no way of ensuring that any or all of the products actually produce the health and wellness benefits the company says they do.


For the right person, Forever Green is an incredible opportunity. The freedom to set your own retail prices combined with the bonus programs the company offers can set someone up for a massive payday and plenty of financial security. In addition, the company has been in business long enough and received enough positive recognition that one should not fear getting involved with Forever Green.

However, the financial commitment required to become a member is astoundingly high, and after signing up there’s nothing to keep you afloat except your own skills.

If you have money to spare and expert-level skills in sales and marketing and you’re looking for a high risk-high reward venture, Forever Green may be the perfect opportunity.

Otherwise, this is a company to avoid; it’s definitely not for anyone who’s new to multi-level marketing or looking for a part-time gig.

Look, I’ve been involved with network marketing for over ten years so I know what to look for when you consider a new opportunity.

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