High Ticket Closer Review – is Dan Lok’s course a scam?

High Ticket Closer is a training program that teaches the high-income skill of closing high ticket deals.High Ticket Closer

In our High Ticket Closer review, I’ll tell you if Dan Lok’s course is a good investment.

Sales is one of the world’s most lucrative skills.

But if you can close high ticket deals, the

That’s precisely what internet entrepreneur Dan Lok wants to teach you in High Ticket Closer.

Is it worth a buy?

Read the rest of our High Ticket Closer review below.


1.) What is High Ticket Closer? High Ticket Closer is an intensive 7-week training program aimed at teaching you how to close high ticket deals. It was created by Dan Lok.

2.) Who is Dan Lok? Dan Lok is a multi-million dollar entrepreneur, consultant, speaker, author of several books, and one of the planets foremost experts on internet marketing and high ticket sales. He is known by many as “the king of high ticket sales”. Dan started as a poor immigrant from Hong Kong, failing at 13 business ventures before finding success. By age 27, he was a self-made millionaire.

3.) What businesses has Dan started? Dan Lok’s marketing agency is called Dan Lok Marketing Inc. He also runs Closers.com, a SaaS platform that connects companies with closers. And then there’s his personal brand, which he uses to sell his courses.

4.) What does high ticket mean? High ticket items are products that have a high value or price tag. There’s no exact definition on what “high value or price tag” means, but you can use common sense to determine if something is a high ticket item. Examples include jewelry, electronics, and cars.

5.) What’s included in High Ticket Closer? High Ticket Closer’s main content is a series of weekly live calls with Dan Lok. There are 7 weeks covering the following topics: high ticket mindset, human psychology and high ticket sales, call-closing methods, sales scripts, handling objections, finding high ticket sales partners, and making a 6 figure income as a high ticket closer. Dan provides homework as well. Bonuses include Dan’s 6 Steps to 6 Figures Formula course, recordings of sales roleplays and actual sales calls, and access to the private Facebook group.

6.) How does High Ticket Closer’s structure work? High Ticket Closer is a series of live calls with Dan Lok, rather than videos, which would not be effective at keeping you accountable. When you join, you actually get “classmates” that take the class at the same pace as you. Dan splits up each class into accountability groups of 4-6 students, then places a success High Ticket Closer graduate in charge to keep you on track and help you when Dan can’t.

7.) What pursuits can I apply High Ticket Closer’s lessons to? High Ticket Closer is geared towards a service-based business model, but it’s lessons can be applied to almost anything. Whether you’re in a sales job, starting a service business, or even trying to persuade someone to your viewpoint in an argument, the sales lesson in High Ticket Closer can be applied successfully.

8.) Does Dan look for any specific background in his High Ticket Closer students? No. Students can be of any background. As long as you’re serious about learning high ticket sales, you’re welcome to participate.

9.) When do I start? As soon as you’ve paid for the course, you should receive an email with your start date and upcoming class details.

10.) Is High Ticket Closer always open to new students? No. Dan only opens High Ticket Closer a few times a year since he runs it live.

11.) What does Dan mean by “coachable”? Dan considers you coachable if you show up to every class without exception, ask intelligent questions, consistently take action through homework and practice, and avoid using the “old-school” sales techniques he berates.

12.) How do I get to work with Dan’s clients? You can strive to be one of the top performers in your class. However, if you fall short but Dan thinks you have potential, he’ll give you a shot if you’re willing to learn.

13.) What time of day does Dan do the classes? They are held in the evenings so you can work around your classes or work.

14.) What happens in the High Ticket Closer Facebook group? In the Facebook group, you can share experiences, network, and learn from other students. You’ll also get access to exclusive High Ticket Closer gigs with Dan’s high-level connections. Dan checks in on your homework progress here, too, and fills in the gaps whenever you need additional help.

15.) How much time should I commit to High Ticket Closer? A lot. Each week’s class is 3-4 hours long. Dan assigns you homework too, so budget time for that. To really master the skills of a High Ticket Closer, you’ll need to spend even more time practicing.

16.) Will High Ticket Closer make me rich? Only if you work hard. Dan teaches you the knowledge and strategies, but you have to practice a lot before you’ll be successful.

17.) How much does High Ticket Closer cost? High Ticket Closer costs $2,495 upfront, but you can opt for 3 monthly payments of $995.

18.) Does High Ticket Closer have a free trial? No.

19.) Are there any upsells? Yes, there are two upsells. One is his Inner Circle mastermind group and the other is his High Ticket Millionaire program. Inner Circle members get access to more business secrets, as well as access to some exclusive live events with Dan. Inner Circle membership costs $1,995 up front and then $200 per month to maintain membership. High Ticket Millionaire is for high ticket closers that are crushing it, and it costs $30,000.

20.) What is High Ticket Closer’s refund policy? High Ticket Closer offers a 100% money back guarantee for two classes. To be eligible for that full refund, you have to submit your refund request before your 3rd class. After that, you can still get a refund, but it’s much harder. First of all, you have to request your refund within 30 days of your start date. Then, you have to show them your completed course work AND tell them what didn’t work for you. At the end of it all, the company may or may not grant you a refund completely at their discretion. Dan strongly discourages enrolling to “check it out”, as High Ticket Closer is for serious students only.

21.) Does High Ticket Closer have an affiliate program? No.

22.) What is Dan Lok’s BBB rating? Dan Lok Marketing has a B-.

23.) Is High Ticket Closer a scam? No. High Ticket Closer works, you just need to practice.

24.) Comparable programs: Clients On Demand, Cardone University

High Ticket Closer Review – Overview

High Ticket Closer is a 7-week video training program that teaches how to close high ticket deals.

It was created by multi-million dollar entrepreneur Dan Lok.

A little background about Dan.

Dan Lok immigrated from Hong Kong to Canada at age 14 with his mother while his father, who later went bankrupt, stayed in Hong Kong. Dan had to pick up some of the financial slack by getting a grocery job at 16.

He went to college for a while, but then he met his future mentor Alan Jacques, who Dan would credit with teaching him everything he knows about business and sales.

Dan dropped out of college and took began a formal copywriting mentorship under Alan, citing the need to take care of his parents that did what they could with what little money they had.

He experienced a lot of failure before he got his first real success. It only went up from there.

He became a self-made millionaire at age 27, then hit 8 figures a short while later.

Dan credits two things for most of his success. One is his mentor Alan, and the other is his high ticket closing skills.

In High Ticket Closer, he aims to impart those same skills to aspiring entrepreneurs.

It’s an expensive, time-consuming course, so the decision to buy it should not be taken lightly. Not to mention that getting good at closing takes a lot of practice regardless of your education.

But Dan puts his own business’s sales team through the same training that you’ll go through in High Ticket Closer, so he’s sure you’ll gain the skill set necessary to make multiple 6 figures in any pursuit you choose.

In fact, he says that students who do well in their coursework could have a shot at joining his sales team! Or in other words, you might get the chance to sell High Ticket Closer to others.

Keep reading our High Ticket Closer review for more details.


High Ticket Closer’s main content is a series of live calls with Dan Lok himself. The course is split into 7 weeks covering the following topics: high ticket mindset, human psychology and high ticket sales, call-closing methods, sales scripts, handling objections, finding high ticket sales partners, and making a 6 figure income as a high ticket closer. You can unlock an 8th bonus week if total class attendance among you and your classmates is at least 80%.

Each week’s class lasts about 3-4 hours, but Dan stays on the phone until every last question is answered during Week 7.

High Ticket Closer comes with a few bonuses. They are Dan’s 6 Steps to 6 Figures Formula program, recordings of both real high ticket sales calls and roleplays, and access to the High Ticket Closer private Facebook group.

The course structure is rather unique. Dan doesn’t just send you a bunch of videos to do at your own pace. Rather, you “attend” the classes with fellow students who enrolled at the same time.

This makes for a hands-on learning experience and it improves accountability among the students.

For more accountability, Dan splits everyone up into accountability groups of 4-6 people. He puts a successful High Ticket Closer graduate in charge of each accountability group.

Dan designed these groups to hold you accountable for doing the work and keeping you motivated. Plus, your accountability group leaders have real high ticket closing experience they can share with you.

In Week 1 of the course, Dan dispells some myths.

Right away, he shows you that aggressive, salesy techniques taught by other courses won’t work in high ticket sales. According to Dan, the less pushy you are, the more you’re likely to succeed in high ticket selling.

Listening more than you talk is the key to easy sales.

Dan continues his “anti-sales” theme in Week 2.

Week 2 is all about human psychology. Being able to grasp human psychology on a deep level is an incredibly lucrative skill, but it also enhances almost every other aspect of your life.

Dan makes it clear again focusing on selling won’t close the sale in the high ticket world. Understanding the buyer’s psychology is what matters.

By the end of this week, Dan assures that you’ll be able to read someone’s personality within minutes. He’ll actually give a live demonstration of his ability to read personalities based on psychology.

Week 3 pivots away from theory and towards practical knowledge.

Dan reveals his most trusted one-call closer method. He used this same method to close lucrative deals with influencers making multiple 6 figures a year before anyone even knew who Dan Lok was.

Many of his students found great success with Dan’s method of high ticket phone closing.

Once you’ve mastered this methodology, people will look at you as if you’re a natural deal maker.

More practical knowledge can be found in Week 4.

Dan’s got 7 secret scripts he’s honed over many years of closing. They’ve helped him close millions of dollars in sales over the phone.

His scripts are meant to work in every sales conversation, no matter how intimidating the person you’re selling to is.

Week 5 covers everyone’s favorite part, objections.

Week 5 is called “How To Handle Objections and Resistance Like a KungFu Master Easily Handles a 300-Pound Boxer”. That’s just a long way of saying “use their resistance against them”.

Dan teaches you how to use your prospect’s resistance to gain power over them and close the deal anyways.

Now, Dan’s objection-countering methods aren’t foolproof – you do have to practice them until they’re second nature. When you know them that well, you’ll never be rejected during a sale again, at least in theory.

Week 6 brings you Dan in action.

You’ll get to experience and hear Dan use everything he’s taught you so far to close huge deals through a series of roleplays with him and other High Ticket Closer students. He also gives live demonstrations with real clients.

Roleplays are done in front of the whole class, which can be a nerve-wracking but valuable learning experience. Students are generally supportive of each other anyway, so there’s no reason to be nervous.

Dan picks the best students of Week 6 to work directly with a few of his clients.

You won’t be able to close high ticket deals right away, nor by copying exactly what they do since everyone talks differently. However, the core tactics remain the same. Just practice them a lot.

At the end of the regular course content is Week 7.

Week 7’s all about how Dan Lok’s best students are pulling 6 figures with much less time and effort than working a corporate job.

In Week 7, you learn the real-world process of finding and closing clients.

First, you learn where to meet prospective clients. Dan then teaches you how to properly introduce yourself and win their respect within minutes of meeting them.

During a sales conversation, it’s important to arrive at a deal where both parties win. Dan teaches how to structure these win-win deals with your own prospects.

Also, Dan shares 4 criteria you must use to qualify clients if you hope to make money in the long term.

But there’s a secret Week 8, too.

In order to unlock it, your fellow High Ticket Closer students have to achieve an average class attendance of at least 80% throughout the main course content.

If you can hit that number, Dan will teach you how he hits all his goals, regardless of size.

Oh, if you do well through the entire program, Dan might give you a chance to join his own team of high ticket closers.

He’ll also funnel leads he gets to you. Many of these leads are big names across multiple industries like Tony Robbins and Antonio Centeno, two people whom High Ticket Closer students have already closed deals with.

So even if you fall short of making the sales team, you’ll have a nice pipeline of leads and the skills to close any client you want.

Dan Lok is generous enough to include an entire course in the bonus section.

6 Steps To 6 Figures Formula is a course that breaks down how to partner with other businesses as a high ticket closer so that both you and the business you partner with win.

The course is a step-by-step formula showing you how to easily attract high-paying clients and getting your service business to 6 figures.

Then, there’re the sales call recordings.

These calls include both roleplays and actual sales calls.

Sure, you may learn all the sales secrets in the course itself.

But the way you actually talk when you sell can affect the outcome of the sales call. These calls give you the rare opportunity to hear word choice, question choice, and tonality of an accomplished high ticket closer.

It’s always a good sign when a course creator can provide real-world examples of their methods in their courses, as it quells most peoples doubts about whether or not the course material works.

Dan’s got a Facebook group for his high ticket closing students.

Like most other online course private Facebook groups, you can learn from and network with other High Ticket Closer students. The community is quite supportive of each other.

But the Facebook group’s benefits don’t stop there.

Dan actually posts about exclusive high ticket closing gigs directly in the Facebook group. These are opportunities that most people outside the course aren’t aware of or don’t have access to.

That alone is extremely valuable since many of his leads are big names in their industries.


High Ticket has two upsells. They are Dan’s Inner Circle and his High Ticket Millionaire course.

Inner Circle members get access to more business secrets, as well as access to some exclusive live events with Dan.

High Ticket Millionaire is for high ticket closers that are crushing it, which is why Dan doesn’t make it available on his website like he does with High Ticket Closer and other courses.


High Ticket Closer costs $2,495 up front. You can opt for 3 monthly payments of $995 if you can’t afford the upfront price.

Membership in Dan’s Inner Circle costs $1,995 up front and then $200 per month to maintain your membership. High Ticket Millionaire costs $30,000.

High Ticket Millionaire’s built for the best high ticket closers, but that’s still an obscene price tag for one course.

Affiliate Program

High Ticket Closer does not have an affiliate program. I think Dan’s sales team is responsible for selling High Ticket Closer, as it’s the definition of high ticket.

If you can snag a spot on his sales team, then it’s almost like you’re an affiliate anyways.


High Ticket Closer isn’t a scam, but that doesn’t mean high ticket closing will come to you naturally just because you took a course.

See, business models don’t require any “practicing” the same way skills do. For example, dropshipping courses like Ecom Success Academy guide you through the entire process of starting a store and running ads.

As long as you follow the course and identify a market and a product that the market wants, then you can find dropshipping success.

High ticket closing isn’t the same. It’s a skill, which means you need to spend many hours practicing sales techniques and strategies before they start to work.

High Ticket Closer is a solid course that teaches you the art of high ticket closing. It’ll teach you what you need to know, but it’ll also hold you accountable by forcing you to practice the techniques with your fellow students.

When you’re done, you’ll be ready for the best form of practice: closing clients that want to pay you thousands of dollars.

However, I’ll Paypal you $500 if you show me a better business to start than our method.

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