It Works: Body Wraps May Fascinate but They Raise Multiple Red Flags [Review]

itworksWeight loss is huge if you’ve got a unique mechanism for achieving weight loss — like It Works does.

But your methods have got to work, or you’ll be collecting complaints rather than customers — like It Works has.

To be fair, It Works has an impressive product line-up, and who wouldn’t want to try its signature body wrap. But if you’re looking for a good MLM, there are plenty of red flags to watch out for.

It Works is a direct sales company that specializes in products related to body shape, skincare, and nutrition.

Mark and Cindy Pentecost founded the company in 2001 by selling the Ultimate Body Applicator, the company’s flagship product.

The company is now worth hundreds of millions of dollars and employs more than 200 full-time employees.


1. What does It Works sell? It Works sells beauty, nutrition, and lifestyle products.

2. What are It Works’ most popular products? It Works’ most popular product is their Ultimate Body Applicator. This non-woven cloth wrap is infused with a powerful, botanically based cream formula that tightens, tones, and firms wherever you need it most. For weight loss, It Works has an entire line of Keto products, including Keto Coffee (instant coffee with MCT oil, butter, and collagen), Keto Go (an energy drink), and Ketones (a non-GMO, soy-free ketone powder).

3. How much does it cost to join It Works? To join It Works, you’ll need to buy a Business Builder Kit for $49.50. That gives you a catalog and 10 business cards, some sample products, and one month of free access to the eSuite, where you’ll get the Training Academy, place your orders, and track your team’s growth. eSuite is $20 per month after your first 30 days.

4. Is It Works a scam? No, it’s a legitimate business selling legitimate products. They’ve been recognized three times as an honorary Inc. 500, 2017 Top 100 Direct Selling News, and 2018 Direct Selling News Best Places to Work.

5. What is It Works’ BBB rating? C+ for failing to resolve underlying causes of a pattern of complaints.

6. How long has It Works been in business? Since 2001

7. What is It Works’ revenue? $686 million in 2016

8. How many It Works distributors are there? 150,000 as of 2016

9. What lawsuits have been filed? In 2013, the Environmental Research Center filed a lawsuit against It Works because some of its products contained lead. [1]

10. Comparable companies: Total Life Changes, Shaklee, Le-Vel

So should you get involved?

Product-wise this company might be legit, but if you’re just interested in the business opportunity, there are better options out there…

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Either way, here’s the full review on It Works.


As previously mentioned, the flagship product of It Works is the Ultimate Body Applicator. It’s a cloth wrap that helps tighten and tone skin, eliminating cellulite and improving skin texture. It can be utilized over several body parts including the abdomen, back, legs, and buttocks.

The Ultimate Body Applicator was the product that helped to launch It Works, but the company now offers a variety of other products. The company sells a gel that it recommends be used in conjuncture with the body wrap.

It Works offers roughly 10 different skin care products such as toners, cleansers, and an exfoliating peel (think poor man’s Nerium).

The company has three different lines of nutritional products. “Greens” are dietary supplements that offer various health benefits. Everyday essentials include probiotics, Omega-3, and other supplements for core nutrition. Then, for energy and endurance, they provide energy drinks and plant-based protein shakes.

It Works has a full line of Lifestyle products. This line includes essential oils, coconut oil, minerals, and a variety of gift sets. There are also a variety of packs that combine many of the company’s products that are designed to complement one another.

The company also sells apparel, including tees, jackets, workout clothes, and accessories.

Compensation Plan

It Works sells its products online, but the company also relies on its independent marketers called Wrapreneurs.

These Wrapreneurs pay a $49.50 startup fee (not uncommon, see: Thirty One, Monat, or Scentsy) and receive a Business Starter Kit to help them along. They are then able to make money in the following ways:

  • Retail Commission – The difference between the wholesale price of a product and the retail price, which varies depending on the product.
  • Loyal Customer Commissions – Signing up loyal customers, which means someone who buys regularly but does not become a distributor, leads to residual income for as long as they remain customers.
  • Team Commissions – Additional commissions earned from sponsoring others to join It Works as distributors, ranging from 2 to 10% based on their team location. There are additional bonuses for continuing to build a team and rise through company ranks.

The Good

The starter kit that It Works provides for new distributors is a meaningful asset that can be quite helpful to new members who may not have much experience with multi-level marketing. The kit includes four Ultimate Body Applicators, catalogs, marketing materials, and business cards.

The Wrapreneurs also have access to online training, a personal mentor, personal development coaching, and a customized website to help them run their business that’s free for the first 30 days.

Also included in the starter kit are suggestions for diet and exercise that can help complement It Works’ product line. This kit offers far more than what the average multi-level marketing firm gives to its new distributors to help get them started.

By offering so much, the company lets its members know they are serious about helping them, which in turn, will make the distributors serious about achieving high levels of success [2].

The fact that It Works has expanded its product line to include more than just the Ultimate Body Applicator is also a huge plus. It’s not difficult to imagine that lots of people will be excited to give a body wrap a chance, and so having products that can complement the company’s base product adds to the earning potential of each distributor.

Moreover, even if a customer is not sold on the body wrap, the distributor still has a chance to turn them into a buyer because of the other products offered. Therefore, selling for It Works is not an all or nothing proposition.

The Bad

Of course, while It Works’ body wraps and other products may sound enticing to some, there is little scientific evidence backing up their validity. There are a number of caveats to using body wraps that every person should look into before using one. For instance, users are required to drink large amounts of water on the day of use and the days following use. It’s also important to combine use of a body wrap with proper diet and exercise.

The Food and Drug Administration also warns against the use of body wraps, citing several potential medical complications, especially for those with pre-existing conditions.

There have also been a variety of complaints targeted at It Works. These complaints include customers receiving the wrong products, continuing to receive products and being charged even after canceling their membership, and charging customers a cancellation fee without proper notice.

The high volume of complaints has contributed to It Works receiving a poor rating from the Better Business Bureau. There is also a mix of both positive and negative reviews coming from those inside the company, meaning not all employees and distributors are pleased with their experience.

One final thing to be aware of is the monthly sales requirement for distributors. The overall compensation plan is fair and balanced, but distributors need to achieve a monthly sales quote that amounts to roughly $112 in product purchases in order to be eligible to receive commissions.

This may sound reasonable from the company’s perspective, but it can make it difficult for casual distributors to keep up, causing them to lose out on any commissions they may make.


It Works is far from a terrible company, but there are several reasons why one should be cautious about joining as a distributor. The uncertainty about the effectiveness of their products combined with the possible adverse effects of body wraps are enough to make one think twice about getting involved with It Works.

The volume of complaints from both customers and those within the company should also be an area of great concern.

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