Junglescout Review – does this Amazon FBA tool work?

Junglescout is a suite of tools that helps Amazon FBA business identify good niches and products.Junglescout

In our Junglescout review, I’ll tell you if its tools are effective.

Finding a good niche and identifying quality products is key to success in any product business. Amazon FBA’s low barrier to entry makes this even more important since so many people are selling similar products.

Doing it manually is pretty difficult and could take hours, though.

Software like Junglescout can do all the heavy lifting for you if you’re willing to pay for it.

Is Junglescout worth a monthly or yearly subscription?

Read the rest of our Junglescout review for more information.


1.) What is Junglescout? Junglescout is a set of product research tools built to help Amazon Sellers find untapped niches and products. The company that created it is also called Junglescout.

2.) What does Junglescout include? Junglescout has both a web app and a Google Chrome extension (called Chrome Extension Lite). The web app is geared towards finding niches/products and optimizing keywords, while the Chrome extension is for analyzing products you’ve already found in greater detail. The web app has 4 main tools: the Product Database, the Product Tracker, the Niche Hunter, and the Keyword Scout. The Chrome extension lets you track daily and monthly sales figures, monthly revenue figures, category rankings, and seller rankings for products and sellers you find on Amazon.

3.) What are the Product Database, Product Tracker, Niche Hunter, and Keyword Scout? The Product Database contains over 10,000 Amazon products, filterable by several attributes. The Product Tracker lets you track and analyze stats on up to 80 products. The Niche Hunter helps you find untapped niches and products within those niches. The Keyword Scout shows you SEO statistics such as related keywords for any products you search.

4.) How many users do the web app and the Chome extension allow? The web app supports up to 3 users. The Chrome extension only lets you have one user per subscription.

5.) What is Amazon’s Fulfillment By Amazon program? Fulfillment By Amazon, or FBA for short, is Amazon’s program that lets you start your own product business on Amazon. You get to list items alongside all of Amazon’s other offerings.

6.) How does FBA work? You need to sign up for an Amazon Seller account. Once you sign up, it’s up to you to find product, determine pricing, and list them on Amazon. Then, you ship your inventory to an Amazon Fulfillment Center. From there, Amazon handles everything else when a customer orders your product. They even provide customer service.

7.) How is FBA different from dropshipping? Dropshipping businesses hold no inventory, so less startup capital is required. However, FBA businesses get to take advantage of Amazon’s massive audience.

8.) What are some obstacles to starting an FBA business? The main obstacle is the sales-based ranking system that leads to a Catch-22 situation. You need to raise your ranking in order to be seen and make sales, but you need to make sales in order to raise your ranking. This is why many FBA entrepreneurs get stuck. See FAQ #s 21 & 22 for Junglescout’s solution. The other obstacle is the startup capital required. You need to invest a few thousand into inventory if you plan on selling a lot.

9.) How much do Junglescout’s products cost? Junglescout’s web app costs $69 per month, or you can pay $480 per year in order to save $29 per month. Junglescout’s Chrome Extention Lite costs $97 per year.

10.) Does Junglescout have a free trial for any of its products? Junglescout offers a 7-day free trial for its Seller plan only. You are required to take the free trial before buying this plan, as your results are part of Junglescout’s calculations to determine your price.

11.) Are there any upsells? Junglescout’s web app has 2 upsells. They are the Business plan and the Seller plan. Chrome Extention Lite’s 1 upsell is Chrome Extension Pro.

12.) What does each upsell include? Business lets you track up to 150 products and add up to 6 total users on your Junglescout account. Seller does all that and gives you scaling tools like Jump Send and a promotional purchase limit feature. Chrome Extension Pro adds historical sales & pricing tracking, a product profit calculator, and FBA fee estimator, and a product opportunity score feature. It ends up being pretty similar to Niche Hunter.

13.) Which plan should I buy? That depends. Startup is good for testing the waters, but you’ll need the Chrome Extension if you want features similar to the Niche Hunter. Standard is the most recommended. It’s good for the lowest level of “serious” FBA entrepreneurs since it lets you track a decent amount of products and gives you the niche hunter. If your business is growing larger, the Business plan’s extra users and trackable products will serve you well. Finally, you should only buy the Seller plan if you’re looking to scale, and willing to pay more if you sell more.

14.) What is Jump Send? Jump Send is a Junglescout-owned marketplace with Amazon products discounted up to 90% off. It has over 100,000 users. Seller plan subscribers gain access to this marketplace.

15.) What is Launch? Launch is the seller-side of Jump Send. It provides features to help your FBA business land a few sales and gain traction. Some of these features include access to Jump Send’s 100,000+ shoppers and personalized email marketing automation to encourage reviews and build relationships with customers.

16.) Are there any downsells? Junglescout’s web app has 1 downsell called Startup. It only lets you track 40 products and doesn’t include the Niche Hunter tool.

17.) How much do the upsells and downsells cost? Startup costs $39 per month or $300 per year, Business costs $99 per month or $600 per year, and Seller starts at $49 per month with no option to pay yearly, but it could cost more depending on your free trial results. The Chrome Extension Pro costs $197 per year.

18.) How is the Seller plan’s price calculated? Junglescout has multiple pricing tiers for the Seller plan based on the number of confirmed monthly orders on your Amazon Seller account during the 30 days prior to the end of your free trial. Pricing is as follows: $49/month for up to 500 orders, 69/month for 501 – 2,000 orders, $99/month for 2,001 – 5,000 orders, $199/month for 5,001 – 10,000 orders, and $399/month for 10,001+ orders.

19.) What is Junglescout’s refund policy? Junglescout offers a risk-free, 14-day money back guarantee.

20.) Does Junglescout have an affiliate program? Yes. Affiliates earn $20 per Chrome extension referral and 100% commissions on the first month of their referrals’ monthly subscription fees.

21.) What is a Super Affiliate? Junglescout affiliates that make 20 conversions in 60 days are personally contacted by Junglescout with details on the Super Affiliate program. Super affiliates earn 25% of each extension referral and 25% of each annual web app subscription. Super Affiliates can also earn through monthly and quarterly bonuses handed out to top performers. Other Super Affiliate bonuses include custom discount links for more sales and get free subscriptions to Junglescout, Jump Send, and another Junglescout tool called Fetcher.

22.) What is Junglescout’s BBB rating? A-.

23.) Is Junglescout a scam? No. It can be difficult to tell if courses and businesses are scams, but tools and software are much more cut and dry. Junglescout has a ton of features for growing a profitable FBA business, and with 4 subscription tiers all priced well, there’s no question that it’s not a scam.

24.) Comparable companies: ProfitSourcery, Helium 10, Salesdash

Junglescout Review – Overview

Junglescout is an Amazon product research tool that identifies relatively untapped niches and profitable products. It was created by a company also called Junglescout.

Why would you need software to find niches and products?

You could theoretically research profitable niches and find products within those niches.

But that takes so much more time than buying software, and we all know time is our greatest resource.

I mean, Amazon FBA already requires a larger amount of startup capital than similar business models. If you have a few thousands dollars to invest into inventory, then a small subscription fee shouldn’t be noticeable at all.

And since you’re risking a lot of money by buying inventory, you may as well maximize your chances of success with paid tools anyways.

That’s why I’d recommend investing in some software if you want to take an Amazon FBA store beyond something that pays the bills.

But is Junglescout good enough to do that?

Keep reading our Junglescout review for more details.


Junglescout offers both a web app and a Google Chrome browser extension. The web app comes with a Product Database, a Product Tracker that lets you track up to 80 items, a Niche Hunter, and a Keyword Scout. The Chrome extension tracks daily and monthly sales figures, monthly revenue figures, category rankings, and seller rankings for products and sellers you find on Amazon.

The web app lets you have up to 3 users per account, while the extension limits you to only one user.

Junglescout’s Product Database is where you want to start.

Their database has tens of thousands of products to choose from. You can filter your searches by sales, revenue, average ratings, and many other factors to find the products that will sell well in your store.

You first choose one of Amazon’s many major marketplaces (like the US or UK), then you can select the categories you want to look through.

Within these categories is where you can filter your search. There are a lot of filters to adjust, so there’s a good chance you’ll find some very niche products.

Finally, when you’ve found a product, you can sort its information for easy comparison with similar products.

It wouldn’t be enough to just find products if you couldn’t track them, which is where the Product Tracker comes in.

The Product Tracker allows you to keep a constant eye on sales numbers, Best Seller Ranking, and inventory levels of up to 80 products you’re interested in.

Now 80 might sound like a lot of products, but they add up faster than you think. Don’t get too eager about tracking every product on Amazon.

Anyways, it’ll display these stats in the form of a graph for easy analysis.

To the side of the graph lies a box with additional product information like weight, dimensions, ratings, reviews, fees, and more.

If you don’t niche down, you won’t make many sales, but your results won’t be much better if you niche down incorrectly. That’s what Niche Hunter’s for.

Niche Hunter might be Junglescout’s web app’s most powerful tool. Instead of searching for products that might be in your niche, Niche Hunter lets you search by keywords, peek at competitor listings, and find multiple products in a similar niche.

The interface itself looks almost the same as the Product Database, but the filters are a little different. There’re filters you’d expect like average price, average number of units sold, and competition; but there’re also some more obscure ones like opportunity score, listing quality score, and even word count.

Your search results will have all these listed next to them, as well as the keywords used to search for them.

You can expand your results for more details, but you’ll also see a graph of search volume over time.

Below that graph are some tips about niche selection, too.

Niche Hunter is a bit complicated, but Junglescout has some tutorial videos to get you acquainted.

Junglescout also has a Keyword Scout for SEO optimization.

It’s similar to other keyword research tools.

Keyword Scout will show you search volume for broad and exact matches, dominant product category, HSA bids, exact and broad PPC bids, and relevancy score for the keyword you searched and similar keywords.

The similar keywords provide an easy way to rank highly for products without competing directly with sellers using the main keywords.

There’s also a “recommended giveaway” that estimates how many products you should giveaway during promotions to rank highly for your target keywords.

Using this tool could help you avoid paying for traffic.

The browser extension tracks a lot of data on products you see on Amazon.

For example, it’ll tell you the daily and monthly sales numbers of a product you’re looking at. It’ll tell you monthly revenue too.

But it also tracks reviews and ratings on products.

It even tells you a product’s ranking in its Amazon category and the product’s seller’s ranking.

Overall, Junglescout’s web app is geared towards identifying new niches and products, while the browser extension is more for analyzing products you’ve already found on a deeper level.

I think the browser extension is best for running in the background, like when you’re casually browsing Amazon. You never know if you’ll accidentally find your next big seller while you’re shopping online.

Beyond that, you could just forego the extension because Niche Hunter does much of the same stuff.

Upsells And Downsells.

Junglescout’s web app’s has a downsell called Startup and 2 upsells called Business and Seller, bringing the total number of subscription tiers to 4. Each tier includes everything from the preceding tier in addition to new features.

Startup does not include the Niche Hunter tool, and you can only track 40 products. Startup limits you to 1 user as well.

The Business plan lets you track up to 150 products. In addition, this plan doubles the number of users you can have, bringing the total to 6 users.

Seller doesn’t add more space for product tracking nor does it add additional users, but it does give you access to scaling opportunities through a site owned by Junglescout known as Jump Send.

Jump Send is a Junglescout-owned site with hundreds of Amazon products discounted up to 90% off. It has over 100,000 users browsing those products.

The seller’s side of Jump Send is called Launch. Since your first few FBA sales are hard to come by, Launch lets you take advantage of discount-hunting customers to get your business off the ground. Launch’s features include access to Jump Send’s shopper base, the ability to generate discount codes to land your first sales, and email personalization and automation features to increase your ratio of positive to negative reviews.

Seller also lets you set promotional purchase limits to increase profits while protecting inventory levels.


Junglescout’s Chrome Extension Lite costs $97 per year. Chrome Extension Pro costs $197 per year. You can’t opt for a monthly payment for either extension.

For the web app, every plan but Seller offers both monthly and yearly subscription plans.

Junglescout’s  Standard plan costs $69 per month or $480 per year, which is about 43% savings. The Startup plan costs $30 per month or $300 per year, which is about 36% in savings. Lastly, Business costs $99 per month or $600 per year, which is almost 50% savings.

Seller’s pricing starts at $49 per month, but you’re required to take the 7-day free trial. This is because Junglescout calculates your final price based on the amount of confirmed orders on your Amazon Seller account within the 30-day period that ends with the end of your free trial.

Pricing for Seller is as follows: $49/month for up to 500 orders, 69/month for 501 – 2,000 orders, $99/month for 2,001 – 5,000 orders, $199/month for 5,001 – 10,000 orders, and $399/month for 10,001+ orders. This is the same pricing structure that Launch uses.

At first glance, increasing the price based on orders seems like it would discourage people from subscribing to Seller. However, I think Seller’s pricing structure is fair given that they target entrepreneurs looking to scale. If you’re looking to scale from 5,000 sales per month, there’s a great chance you can afford a lot more in tools then someone who only sells 300 orders per month.

As for the other plans, Standard is probably the best choice for most. The Niche Hunter tool alone is worth more than the $30 a month you’d save with Startup, as it provides most of the same information as the Chrome extension.

I think they set it up this way so intentionally to make more sales.

Affiliate Program

Junglescout has an affiliate program through the affiliate SaaS platform Partnerstack. Affiliates earn $20 per Chrome extension referral and 100% commissions on the first month of their referrals’ monthly subscription fees. For example, a referral that signs up for the Business plan on a monthly basis would earn you $99. In addition, you can cross-sell Jump Send, Fetcher, and Splitly.

If you make 20 conversions in 60 days, you will be considered for Super Affiliate Status.

Super Affiliates earn 25% of each extension referral and 25% of each annual web app subscription. Super Affiliates can earn even more through monthly and quarterly bonuses handed out to top performers. They also get to use custom discount links for more sales and they even get free subscriptions to Junglescout, Jump Send, and Fetcher.

Each commission has to “age” for 30 days before landing in your bucket of commissions to be paid out. Your commissions are then paid out on the 15th of each month via PayPal as long as you have at least $250 in payable commissions.

The application only takes a minute. It asks for basic personal information, what kind of marketer you are, your Junglescout experience/usage, your methods for marketing Junglescout, and your audience size.

Most applicants are approved within 24 hours, so contact them if you don’t hear back just in case your application got lost in the shuffle.

Once you’re an affiliate, Junglescout provides you a training manual and some other materials to get you up to speed

They also throw you some marketing materials that they claim make customers 2.5x more likely to convert.

Marketing materials include videos, banner ads, HTML ads, brochures, email swipes, free downloadable resources, and Junglescout’s top free informational web pages.

This is an excellent affiliate program for FBA entrepreneurs because of the Super Affiliate status. Not only can you supplement your FBA earnings, but you don’t even have to pay for the same tools that enhance your FBA business.


Junglescout works very well.

However, a hammer is useless without knowing how to build anything. Similarly, tools like Junglescout won’t create a wildly profitable FBA business out of thin air if you don’t know how to run an FBA business at all.

You can learn the information for free from browsing online, or you can pay money to cut your learning curve with a step-by-step program like Amazing Selling Machine.

With knowledge and tools in hand, there isn’t much stopping you from earning your financial freedom through an Amazon FBA business.

However, I’ll Paypal you $500 if you show me a better business to start than our method.

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