Organo Gold is probably the biggest coffee MLM

organoOrgano Gold is a network marketing company founded in 2008 in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada by Bernardo Chua. They makes and distributes premium gourmet beverages, nutraceuticals and personal care products.

These coffees, teas and cocoas are infused with the Chinese herb Ganoderma and Organo claims these products will help improve lives through a new level of wellness.

So should you hop on board?

Product-wise this company might be legit, but if you’re just interested in the business opportunity, there are better options out there…

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Either way, here’s the full review on Organo Gold.


Gourmet Beverage Options:

Four Brewing Cups

  • African Red, a rooibos sweet tea blend
  • Columbian Roast, a rich bold body flavor Columbian coffee
  • Rodeo Chai, a spiced tea blend
  • Te Amo, a smooth flavor decaf

Six Instant Options:

  • Black Coffee, a traditional robust coffee with a classic smooth flavor, 30 sachets per box
  • King of Coffee, premium organic coffee for a bold flavor, 25 sachets per box
  • Cafe Latte, Arabica beans blended with cream and sugar, 20 sachets per box
  • Cafe Mocha, for the chocolate lover, rich coffee with a tinged cocoa flavor, 15 sachets per box
  • Cafe Supreme, a light, creamy and smooth coffee infused with Panax Ginseng root, 20 sachets per box
  • Hot Chocolate, indulge in the rich, silky smooth texture of the finest cocoa, 15 sachets per box
  • Green Tea, the Vert, organic packed with flavonoids, 25 sachets per box
  • Red Tea, the Rouge, the finest red tea leaves infused with Cordyceps militaris to boost your immune system, and renew focus
  • Black Ice, iced black tea, made with pure honey, enhanced with Amazonian Guarana for a natural energy boost

For the Pinnacle of Health:

  • Ganoderma Lucidum, also known as the “supernatural mushroom”, full of antioxidants and other natural compounds, 90 capsules per bottle
  • Mycelium, also known as “the King of Herbs”, strong antioxidant value plus an immune system stimulant, 90 capsules per bottle
  • Spore Powder, rich in natural beneficial compounds, a premium product for those concerned with top good health, 90 capsules per bottle
  • Grape Seed Oil, an excellent antioxidant, and rich in essential fatty acids, 30 capsules per bottle

For the Body:

  • G3 Beauty Soap, cleanses and moisturizes the skin for a youthful, glowing, radiant complexion, 3 bars per pack
  • OG Smile, toothpaste infused with Ganoderma lucidum and mint for healthy teeth and gums, 1 tube per box
  • OG Smile Set, the original toothpaste in a convenient 10 tube pack

Compensation Plan

Organo offers one of the biggest compensation plans for their direct sales representatives, with seven earning opportunities:

  • Retail Sales – Earn up to 50% of your retail sales
  • Fast Track Bonus – Earn $20-$120 bonus per Promotional Pack sold with no limit or cap on quantity
  • Dual Team Bonus – Build teams beneath you for a potential additional income of $75,000
  • UniLevel Bonus – Build up to nine levels and receive bonuses from all the product orders and reorders for each group you manage
  • UniLevel Matching Bonus – Earn a portion of the unilevel bonuses from all your sponsored distributors, up to four levels deep
  • Generational Bonus – Leadership opens mad opportunity for financial rewards by earning extra bonuses from all the Sapphires and above levels, up to four generations
  • Global Bonus Pool – Should you qualify for this ultimate level, you will receive a shared 3% bonus on all Worldwide Unilevel Commissions Paid
  • Vacation incentives to Diamond Level earners
  • Incentive cruise trips provide essential training and seminars
  • Dream Car incentive, earn income to lease or purchase a Mercedes Benz, Ferrari, or Lamborghini

Register to become an independent distributor by purchasing the Business Entry Kit at a one-time cost of $49.95

This kit will include:

  • free access to your BackOffice and your own Pro Replicated Website for one year.
  • a distributor binder
  • brochures and applications
  • coffee samples, several varieties
  • access to wholesale purchases

Here are some pros about Organo Gold:

There is ample opportunity to make extra income as an independent Organo Gold distributor. The commission available on retail sales alone is quite impressive and would most likely serve your additional money needs without having to build teams and move up into higher levels.

The company has been in business for six years and has had no complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau and holds an A+ rating with them.

The marketing plan for distributors is a smart one. Hand out coffee samples and take orders. This company is driven solely on retail sales and it has been a very successful recipe, as their annual global revenue reveals.

Here are some cons about Organo Gold:

All products are infused with the Reishi mushroom from Asia, this is basically the organic selling point for the company. However, claims of its supernatural health powers have put Organo Gold in a bad light with the Food and Drug Administration.(1)

According to NYU, there is no scientific proof of the ability of this Asian herb to promote good health, decrease blood pressure, relieve stress and cure Gout, Diabetes and Psoriasis, as claimed in testimonials on the company’s website.

The company also issued an allergy alert in 2005. This was due to milk protein found in some of the products after being tested by the Canadian government health agency.


Though there has been some skepticism around Organo Gold in the past regarding false claims of health benefits, not receiving products on time and overall cost of the products, I think that this company is a legitimate MLM for several reasons:

  • In five years they generated over $1 billion dollars in revenue. No one else has achieved these numbers.
  • Their compensation plan is pretty impressive. Distributors can make up to 50% commission off of the retail sales.
  • The start up cost is affordable for most people wanting to start their own business at under $50.
  • When Holton Buggs came on board as their marketing director, their sales numbers increased 10x by 2010.
  • Unlike many other MLMs out there (hint: Qivana, Wealth Generators, or Mary Kay), you don’t have to recruit tons of new members to make money. Just by buying at wholesale and selling at retail, you have the opportunity to generate some serious money.

Of course, you should be diligent in your own research to determine if Organo Gold is the right company for you and your goals, but if you feel great about the products and you have a method of gaining leads, you could give it a shot. Just don’t expect to get rich or quit your day job anytime soon…

Look, I’ve been involved with network marketing for over ten years so I know what to look for when you consider a new opportunity.

After reviewing 200+ business opportunities and systems out there, here is the one I would recommend:

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