12 interesting facts about Wildtree you probably didn’t know

wildtreeWildtree is a network marketing company that offers a range of nutritional products.

“Timeless” is a word that companies love to throw around, especially in the MLM space.

But what is timeless about a piece of jewelry when styles and trends come and go with the seasons? (no offense, Stella or Origami Owl)

You know what product is actually pretty timeless? Healthy food. Your body needs it to live, and Wildtree has done a great job of producing healthy products.

So should you get involved?

Product-wise this company might be legit, but if you’re just interested in the business opportunity, there are better options out there…

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Either way, here’s 12 interesting facts about Wildtree you probably didn’t know.

#12. USDA organic

Au-natural is the new black, and plenty of MLMs market their products as all-natural, naturally-based, plant-based, or free of harmful chemicals and additives. Few, however, are actually organic or certified.

Wildtree is fully organic and certified by the USDA. [1]

Whether or not this really gives them a marketing advantage is up in the air. All natural may be trendy, but throwing in words like “naturally based” is usually enough to convince many people without fancy certifications.

#11. Definitely fills a big need

You hear it all the time – “I want to eat healthier, I want to cook at home more, but I just don’t have the time.”

As nice as healthy, nutritious, organic home-cooked meals sound, most people, especially Americans, don’t think they have the time (or the skill) to craft them on a regular basis.

Wildtree fills that gap by providing organic meals that are quick and easy to make at home. There’s definitely a huge market for a product like that (just ask Purium).

#10. Affordable products

The other roadblock you hear from people who want to eat healthier is that it’s too expensive. Whole Foods ain’t got no dollar menu, that’s for sure.

Luckily Wildtree comes at a pretty reasonable price.

Their “Asian skillet meal”, a packet that comes with all the seasonings and some dried vegetables, requiring you to add the rice and meat, costs $8.50 for 12 servings. The gluten free pancake mix makes 16 servings and costs $10.50. Most products cost under a dollar per serving.

#9. Relatable founder’s story

You know the mompreneur story – think Joy, that movie with Jennifer Lawrence about the woman who invented the miracle mop.

It goes something like this – woman encounters problem in domestic life, be it related to her children or home, and develops a creative, effective solution. People start to notice the solution, and they love it. Mom starts her own business, becomes wildly successful, and brings in enough bacon to send her kids off to college and buy her family a vacation home in Nantucket.

Leslie Monte, the founder of Wildtree, has lived it. She had two children with severe food allergies, so she developed recipes for hypo-allergenic foods she could make quickly and easily at home. This eventually became her business, which turned into a world-wide company. It’s some inspiring stuff.

#8. Recipe parties are a hit

Rather than pass around Tupperware or convince strangers to let you paint their faces with makeup, Wildtree distributors get to cook and serve delicious food. Attendees get to see first-hand how easy and tasty the recipes are.

There’s literally nothing more convincing than these two words: free food. Find me one person who doesn’t love free food, and I’ll eat 10 pizzas in one sitting. But only if you buy them for me.

But seriously, tastings are all the rage right now, so branding these as tasting parties could do wonders. People plan entire evenings around tasting everything from wine to coffee to chocolate. Branding these things as tasting parties should have people lining up at your house like it’s a theme park. [2]

#7. Food samples are a wildly effective sales tool

Do you know anyone who doesn’t love Costco?

No. Of course you don’t. Aside from selling massive tubs of candy and parmesan cheese, they also have an abundance of samples. And again – people. love. free. food.

If someone took me on a dinner date to Costco, I’m not gonna lie, I would enjoy it.

But aside from being popular, free samples are a genius marketing tool. Studieshave shown that they can boost sales by as much as 2,000 percent, which is insane. [3]

#6. Food samplesbuild customer loyalty

Samples are tasty, sure, but their power goes deeper than that. A psychologist at Duke University explains that our instinct for reciprocity means that when you give someone something for free, they feel obligated to do something in return for you.

This means that samples also turn people into repeat customers, even with products they never used to purchase. [4]

Basically, spend a few minutes cooking up the product, and it sells itself for you.

#5. Low pressure environment

MLMs are notorious for hounding reps about increasing sales and recruiting harder, even when they say you can join just to sell casually, part-time.

Wildtree doesn’t pressure its distributors to become top sellers or recruit massive teams. It’s for everyone – those who want to put in a lot of time, and those who want to do it on the side for fun.

#4. Huge variety of products

Wildtree sells a huge assortment of food and beverage products, as well as boxed “meals” with recipes that only require the customer to add the protein and/or produce.

  • Breads and doughs
  • Dips and dip mixes
  • Oils (garlic, grapeseed, coconut)
  • Blends, rubs, and seasoning
  • Skillet meals
  • Desserts
  • Soups
  • Jams and jellies
  • Seasonal products
  • Drink mixes
  • Gluten free products
  • Breakfast items

If you browse their catalog, the stuff sounds pretty delicious. Chai spiced bread? Agave margaritas? Bacon Cheddar mac ‘n’ cheese? One of each please.

#3. Frozen meals save even more time

Distributors can also host frozen meal workshops using Wildtree products to teach customers how to create healthy meals in large quantities ahead of time and freezing them for later. Wildtree teaches its distributors how to prepare 10 meals in an hour and a half. [5]

#2. Sign-on kit is not cheap, but not expensive

It costs $49.95 to be a distributor, but the cost doesn’t include anything other than marketing materials and pamphlets, which many other MLMs give out freely.

#1. Compensation is generous…for some

You have the chance to earn up to a 40% commission on all sales that you generate with Wildtree. However, this percentage is only given to those in the “Leader” category, those just starting up will make anywhere from 25-32% commission.

If you can get to the top, that’s a pretty good commission rate.

But, the product price is pretty low, averaging around $10, so even a 10-product sale only nets you $25-40.

You can’t really make a livable wage on sales commissions alone. Like most MLMs, you’ve got to recruit to make good money (see: Saivian, Norwex, or Scentsy). You make 3-12% on personal recruits.


Wildtree has got a product that could honestly sell itself with the right management and distributors. But given potential profit margins, selling for them might be more of a hobby than a way to make any decent money.

However, if you are looking for a great money making opportunity that allows you to be your own boss and generate passive income, there are better opportunities.

Look, I’ve been involved with network marketing for over ten years so I know what to look for when you consider a new opportunity.

After reviewing 200+ business opportunities and systems out there, here is the one I would recommend:

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