12 shocking truths about Yevo

yevoYevo was a network marketing company that sold healthy pre-packaged food products.

This company is kind of like that promising straight-A student you knew in high school who ended up in bankruptcy with a drug addiction at your 5-year reunion.

They were a hot MLM for a while until something happened that made the business fall apart.

So if you came here because you’re interested in the business opportunity, there really isn’t one anymore. Luckily there are better options out there…

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Either way, here’s 12 shocking truths about Yevo.

#12. Freshest face in the game

These toddlers just launched in February 2015. While most MLMs fail in their first couple years, everyone’s always curious about the new kid. They’re in a good position to build up some hype around their name.

#11. Healthy pre-packaged foods

Their product is in that sweet spot of high demand and low supply. They’re targeting people who want easy, quick, pre-packaged foods but also want to eat healthy. I don’t mean frozen lean cuisine healthy, I mean natural foods with no preservatives and chemicals healthy.

This is a pretty big trend, and there still aren’t many solutions offered. This company is one of them.

However, their pre-packaged health foods may be natural, but they aren’t yet varied. Right now they’re only offering smoothies, granola, hot rice cereal, oatmeal, and hot beverages.

#10. Go43 – their foods include 43 essential nutrients

The gimmick here (all MLMs gotta have one, no offense Sisel, Pure Romance, or Perfectly Posh) is that their products have all 43 of the nutrients your body needs on a daily basis. If you eat two of them, you’ve already gained all your necessarily daily nutrients. Pretty impressive. [1]

However, there’s nothing to suggest that this isn’t true of regular foods…what nutrients does their oatmeal offer that regular oatmeal doesn’t? Is the difference that grand? This is not clear.

#9. I mean, they’re trying to sell rice as a super nutrient

Sure, whole grain rice can be somewhat nutritious, but it’s not exactly a balanced meal. There’s a reason you only subsist on it if you’re in dire poverty.

And it doesn’t include the kind of vitamins many other foods, like kale, eggs, apples, and fish can offer.

#8. Not all ingredients are ultra-healthy

Sugar-free junkies are out of luck.

Their plain oatmeal has 13g of sugar. A can of plain oats at the supermarket has zero, so you can add your own natural, 0 cal sweetener if you want.  Yevo doesn’t offer that option. [2]

It’s actually recommended that women only consume 25g of sugar per day [3] so that’s over half her intake in a cup of oatmeal.

#7. Crazy expensive

Let’s take their oatmeal for example, one of the most notoriously cheap breakfast foods.

Yanbal’s version costs $70.67 for a one time purchase ($53 if you auto-ship monthly) for a “bulk bag” – 2.8 pounds of oats. [4]

Regular Quaker oats cost $2.70 for an 18oz canister, which is just over a pound…in other words, you could purchase more than 3 pounds of Quaker oats for just over $8 instead of over $70. And they’re just as easy to cook. [5]

Whatever additional nutrients their oatmeal offers, there are undoubtedly much cheaper ways to get them.

#6. Strong leaders

The head of Yevo, Peter Castleman, attended and taught at Harvard Business School. He’s also a managing partner at a private equity firm, and he worked at Morgan Stanley Co. and  J.P. Morgan & Co. [6]

#5. Great things are NOT on the horizon

All that business acumen couldn’t save them, though.

In July, Yevo announced that they are phasing out their network marketing operations and closing them entirely.

That’s right…

ANOTHER MLM bites the dust in the first two years, as most do…

#4. Yevo is now a direct-to-consumer company

They’re maintaining their inventory and website through Nutrient Foods, the inventor and licenser of their products, and it will now be available to anyone via their website.

Distributors will be phased out of their auto-ship programs and will probably now have to pay full price if they want to continue using the product. They’ll no longer be selling product for Yevo. [7]

What that means, is…

#3. A lot of people just got screwed

Current distributors are not just losing the income they make on sales, they’re also losing the income they make off their recruits.

Essentially, this company got a bunch of distributors to do hours of work recruiting customers and marketing their product only to cut off their royalties while continuing to profit off many of those same customers.

It actually sounds a lot like Yevo’s affiliate and customer data has been sold to Nutrient Foods. Of course, the people who did the work to gain that data get nothing.

#2. This is more common than you think

A lot of MLMs end up shutting down their network marketing system and screwing over distributors who have invested a lot of time and money into them.

Here’s a testimonial from a network marketer about how he ended up working with Yevo…

“They [his former MLM] called and let us know they were closing the program and it was like getting hit over the head with a baseball bat,” Michael D’Angelo said. “My wife and I didn’t know what to do and she wasn’t sure she even wanted to do another home-based business … but I did some research and I remembered seeing something about this company, Yevo.” [8]

So, this guy left his former MLM for Yevo, only to have the same exact thing happen once again.

#1. Why did they fail?

“A lack of success with Yevo’s network marketing model” is the official reason for the closure. [9]

A good guess is the lack of diversity in their products and the incredibly high prices.

The compensation plan was also highly flawed. It also emphasized recruitment to an unhealthy extent. Their retail activity was entirely optional, and a lot of representatives made income solely off recruitment.


While the company has had its ups and downs (probably more downs), they have done a few things right.

That being said, if you are looking for a sustainable income opportunity, Yevo is obviously not what you are looking for.

Look, I’ve been involved with network marketing for over ten years so I know what to look for when you consider a new opportunity.

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