Ranking the best Amazon FBA courses of 2019

Many entrepreneurs purchase Amazon FBA courses or coaching programs to help them make more money.

Amazon might have made Jeff Bezos rich, but he’s not the only one cashing in on one of the world’s largest online marketplaces thanks to Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon program, called FBA for short.

If you haven’t heard, Amazon FBA lets aspiring entrepreneurs take advantage of Amazon’s ultra-efficient logistics and fulfillment systems so they can start their own physical product business right on Amazon’s site.

All you gotta do is pick your niche and the products while Amazon handles the rest.

But even though FBA lowers the barrier to entry for product businesses, it’s not easy to actually succeed as an Amazon seller.

Especially when you realize there are close to 2 million other sellers.

As you’d expect, there are tons of FBA courses to fill in your knowledge gaps. So many, in fact, that it’s hard to distinguish quality courses from money grabs.

I did all the distinguishing for you, though.

Without further ado, here are the best Amazon FBA courses of 2019, in my opinion.

#1. Jim Cockrum’s Proven Amazon Course 2.0

Proven Amazon Course

Jim Cockrum is a big name in Amazon selling, having been in the game since the 1990s. His Proven Amazon Course 2.0 is one of the greatest FBA courses ever made.

Well actually, Proven Amazon Course 2.0 is a collection of Amazon courses. It’s got courses on the basics, sourcing strategies, private labeling, Merch by Amazon, and international selling. There’s even an accounting class in there.

When you’re done with all the courses, there are all sorts of tools, lists, and other resources to cover all the bases. Plus, they’re always adding new stuff. You really can’t fail with all this at your fingertips.

You might think all of this will cost you an arm and a leg, but it’s only $499 either up front or with PayPal credit. Jim even gives you the option of making 3 monthly $183 to ensure his course finds its way into your hands.

#2. Matt Clark & Jason Katzenback’s Amazing Selling Machine

Amazing Selling Machine

Amazing Selling Machine is one the most well-known FBA courses on the market. It’s an 8-week long, 132 lesson course that uses what Matt and Jason call the “Momentum Learning Method”.

That just means they designed the course so you can apply each week’s lesson to your business in real time so you’ll have a successful Amazon FBA business at the end of the course.

Aside from the course content, the best part is their mentor program. Mentors are former Amazing Selling Machine students who are using the methods taught in the course and succeeding in FBA.

Amazon Selling Machine is one of the most expensive FBA courses at $4,997 dollars up front, but you can opt for 3 payments of $997 if you can’t afford that.

Sadly, Amazing Selling Machine isn’t always open. They don’t really explain when they open or close either, so the best you can do is keep your eyes peeled for the next open Amazing Selling Machine class.

#3. Philip Covington’s Ultimate Amazon Seller

Ultimate Amazon Seller

Phil Covington, a very successful Amazon seller, packed a ton of information into his Ultimate Amazon Seller course.

The course, which is hosted on Teachable, boasts 20 main modules of content, but when you include all the “resource” modules in between some of the main content, there are 33 modules!

Ultimate Amazon Seller is almost too long, but hey, who’s complaining?

Anyways, course content covers everything directly related to your business, but there’re a ton of lessons on admin tasks like accounting and finance. Glad to see it, as most courses leave that stuff out.

And like I said, there are a lot of resources scattered throughout the modules.

If the course content wasn’t enough, Phil actually mentors every single one of his students.

You get lifetime access to all that for only $497, which is way less than most other Amazon FBA courses. This is one of the best deals out there.

For an extra fee, you can actually have Phil do your product research for you too. It’s $100 per additional product except for he skips 4. So if you pay $997, you’ll have 6 full-researched products soon after your purchase.

#4. Kevin David’s Amazon FBA Ninja

Amazon FBA Ninja

Amazon FBA seems to be Kevin David’s preferred e-commerce business model, and it reflects in Amazon FBA Ninja.

His course has 8 modules just like Amazing Selling Machine, except you get the entire course as soon as you buy so you can work through at your own pace. Each module is split into parts, which are further split into videos lessons. The lessons are on Word docs, which Kevin reads to you and provides further explanation in each video lesson. He’s got some bonus modules in there too.

Kevin makes himself available to his students quite often in Amazon FBA Ninja’s Facebook group, too. He claims that he answers every single question he gets, even though he’s probably barraged with questions every day.

Once you buy Amazon FBA Ninja, you have it for life. That’s good news because Kevin’s always updating it with more content to keep up with the fast-paced, ever-shifting world of FBA.

#5. Stephen Somers’s and Robert Rickey’s Marketplace Superheroes

Marketplace Superheroes

Marketplace Superheroes is a step-by-step guide to creating a 5-7 figure Amazon FBA business. However, it’s different than other courses because it tells you to forget about untapped niches and sell products that are already selling.

In addition, they heavily emphasize selling in multiple countries in this course. In fact, it has an entire 22-lesson expansion just for selling in Europe.

Both of these aspects really set this course apart from other offerings.

Inside the course are 2 “phases” that for a total of 97 training videos split among 7 modules.

As for bonuses, there are many. One is a series of videos that covers a lot of admin stuff like accounting and cash flow management. Another is an “over-the-shoulder” video series where you watch Robert perform product research. They even included product tracking software.

There are plenty of other bonuses, and Stephen and Robert are always adding new content.

Marketplace Superheroes costs $997, or you can get on their payment plan and pay $397 per month for 3 months.

#6. Ryan Grant’s Online Selling Experiment

Online Selling Experiment

Online Selling Experiment, also known as How To Make $1,000+ Selling On Amazon, is less about broad Amazon selling. It focuses on a concept called retail arbitrage, which is the act of buying retail products and reselling them online.

In this case, Ryan Grant shows you how to build a 7 figure retail arbitrage business using Amazon FBA.

This course is hosted on Teachable. Inside, there are numerous video lessons discussing the advantages of retail arbitrage over traditional FBA and how to start making money in retail arbitrage on Amazon.

Online Selling Experiment costs only $299, but Ryan offers a 4 month payment plan of only $79 per month. This course doesn’t encompass as much as other courses, but you can’t say it isn’t dirt cheap.

#7. Tanner Fox’s Amazon Seller Mastery

Amazon Seller Mastery

Tanner became an Amazon FBA millionaire by age 21, and he teaches his methods inside Amazon Seller Mastery.

Amazon Seller Mastery’s is hosted on Teachable. It’s got 7 modules with plenty of video content in each one. For example, while some courses might touch on 2 or 3 ways to research products, Amazon Seller Mastery has 7 lessons on it. In total, there are over 50 video lessons.

The first 5 modules are the main course content, walking you from product research to marketing. The last 2 modules have a lot of resources and helpful miscellaneous information.

Tanner also gives you 2 months of direct access to him. You can ask him questions or have him review any part of your FBA business.

This one’s only $497.

#8. Beau Crabill’s Online Retail Mastery

Online Retail Mastery

Beau looks young, but this guy brings 10 years of Amazon FBA experience to his Online Retail Mastery course.

Online Retail Mastery really emphasizes suppliers. 5 of the 10 modules are about finding and vetting suppliers, then working with them and building relationships.

He threw in some extra modules with more advanced topics like ungating, multi-channel fulfillment, storage fees, reporting, and international selling.

As for the bonuses, Beau gives you scripts for communicating with suppliers, a list of tools and software that’ll help you succeed, and a resource library.

Whenever he adds new content, you get access to that for free.

At $997, this one’s a little pricy compared to others on this list. However, it’s still a pretty good course.

#9. Dan Vas’s Ecom Freedom Course

Ecom Freedom

Dan Vas isn’t as well known in Amazon selling, but his Ecom Freedom course has a lot of stuff in it nonetheless.

This course is on Teachable. Each module covers a broad range of methods for doing whatever that module covers. For example, Dan gives you 6 techniques/tools to use just to find products.

He covers nearly everything there is to cover at each stage of your FBA business. Nothing seems to be left out.

At the end is a bonus Millionaire Mindset Secrets course. While not as useful as the core content, it’s a welcome addition to everything else. It even has some Amazon-specific bonus videos.

Amazon Freedom is $497. Alternatively, you can make 2 monthly payments of $298. Pretty affordable for all that content if you ask me.

#10. Jessica Larrew’s Amazon Boot Camp

Amazon Bootcamp

The Amazon Bootcamp is another course that teach retail arbitrage on Amazon.

There are nearly 100 video lessons split among 14 modules in this course. You can access the videos from anywhere on almost any device. Makes for a convenient learning experience.

To enhance the learning experience, every single lesson comes with an overview, a transcript, and closed caption. If you’re somewhere you can’t play sound, no worries. Just follow along with the transcript and read the captions in the videos.

Once you buy, the course is yours for life. All updates are free for you.

Amazon Boot Camp has a supportive Facebook group as well. You can pop in there to ask questions or just draw on support from fellow FBA entrepreneurs.

Amazon Boot Camp seems to always be running a “flash sale”, but Amazon Boot Camp costs $495.

#11. Skip McGrath’s Complete Amazon Marketing System

The Complete Amazon Marketing System

Skip McGrath ditches flashy online courses for an old-school training manual with over 350 pages split into 2 separate volumes.

The main content is split into 4 sections. The first 3 cover setup, selling basics, and strategies. The 4th section is about wholesale sourcing. Skip gave this section its own volume.

Doesn’t sound like much, but Skip gives you 18 bonuses. These range from special reports to coupons for his other products. He even gives you two free videos on how to polybag and bubble wrap your products.

You may be wondering how Skip keeps a physical book up to date.

Well, he releases new editions every so often. In between releases, he writes blog posts, sends out bonus reports, and publishes electronic updates about every 18 months.

Unlike most courses that offer a 30-day money back guarantee, Skip gives you 90 days. If anything, that’s reassuring.

Oh, and the entire thing is only $197 with free shipping. That’s a deal.

#12. Seth Kniep’s Just One Dime Program

Just One Dime

Just One Dime is a large Amazon FBA course.

To avoid overwhelming you, however, modules are releases to your one-by-one. This makes it easier to learn and apply instead of consuming the whole course at once.

Each module covers a different stage of your Amazon FBA business. They’re called Start, Find, Build, Launch, Grow.

On top of the course content, there are 5 hour-long coaching calls each week, one for each weekday. These follow the same structure as the course, meaning you start with “Start” questions on Monday and end the week with “Grow” questions on Friday.

Just One Dime is one of the more expensive programs on here at $967 per year for the annual subscription or $167 per month for the monthly subscription. But the sheer amount of content makes it worth the price.

#13. Stephen Smotherman’s Jumpstart Amazon Course

Jumpstart Amazon Course

Stephen Smotherman’s Jumpstart Amazon course is actually a combination of an ebook and an online course. However, the content in each is identical, so you can pick which format works best for you.

This course is split into 5 sections. First, there’re 7 chapters covering the foundations. After that are a few chapters on product sourcing, pricing, and shipping to Amazon. The next section is much shorter, with only a couple chapters covering the Amazon Seller Central interface. Then the course closes out with lessons on troubleshooting and some recommendations on further learning.

Jumpstart dedicates some time to the accounting and legal sides of things, which again aren’t usually given enough attention or are left out off most courses completely.

The Jumpstart Amazon course costs $497, similar to other courses on this list.

#14. Scott Voelker’s Ecom Business Formula

Ecom Business Formula

Scott Voelker’s Ecom Business Formula is a course themed around future-proofing your business so you can build an FBA business sustainable for the long-term.

The course framework is based on creating a short-term plan for 90 days and a long-term plan for 12 to 18 months. There are 6 modules. The first two cover market and product discovery and validation. Then you learn product sourcing, launching your store, and diversification strategies among other things.

Scott even lays out the end goal for you. His sales page lists a bunch of specific goals you’re supposed to hit by the end of the course. To sum them up, you should have everything ready for product launch by the end of the course.

Scott doesn’t skimp on the bonuses either. Each month, you get two coaching calls with Scott and his business partner Chris. They’ll answer pretty much any question you have related to e-commerce. You also get access to their e-commerce training archives. To top it off, they give you early bird discounts to their live events.

And of course, there’s a private Facebook group.

At $1797, Ecom Business Formula is at the higher end of courses on this list. But the content inside teaches you how to bulletproof your business so it can survive in the long term. If it can do that, you’re sure to earn that money back.

#15 Theo McArthur’s How To Start An FBA Store On A Tight Budget

Theo McArthur

Not everyone has the spare capital that starting an FBA business requires, so Theo made a Udemy course teaching you how to get into FBA on a tight budget.

Core content consists of 55 lectures, 40 of which are in video format. Theo focuses on minimizing inventory expenses and maximizing efficiency since those with a tight budget can’t afford to throw away any money or time. To supplement the core content, there are a ton of downloadable resources and educational articles to read.

You even earn a little certificate of completion when you finish everything.

Although this course is geared towards beginners, experienced FBA entrepreneurs can apply the teachings inside to their own businesses. Nothing wrong with looking for ways to save money in your FBA business no matter how much you’re making.

This course normally sells for $179.99, but Udemy seems to run sales on every course they have all the time. If you wait a bit, you could grab it for like $12.

#16 Damir Serbecic’s Amazon FBA As A Private Label Business Launching Platform

Amazon FBA As A Private Business Launching Platform

Amazon FBA As A Private Label Business Launching Platform is another Udemy FBA course, but this one’s all about private labeling. If you don’t know what private labeling is, it’s essentially putting your brand name (legally and ethically) on a product made by another brand.

Inside this course is 7.5 hours of thorough video content. Damir included multiple downloadable resources to enhance your learning too.

There’re discussion boards as well so you can learn from other students that are succeeding Amazon FBA private labeling.

Damir’s course is only $19.99 on Udemy without their constant sale, but it usually drops to $11.99 like similar Udemy courses.

What’s great about these Udemy courses is you don’t spend a fortune on your education. That leaves you with plenty more money to invest in the thing that will actually make you money, aka your FBA business.

#17 Brock Johnson’s The Last Amazon FBA Course – Private Label Guide

The Last Amazon FBA Course

Brock brings 12 years of general e-commerce experience and 5 years of FBA experience to you in his Private Label Guide.

If you thought the other Udemy courses had a lot of content, then you’ll be astonished that Brock crammed 34.5 hours of video into his private label course.

Throughout these 34.5 hours, you’ll cover the entire life of your business. You start out with an intro and the basics, then work through all the other stages of building an Amazon FBA private label business. Towards the end, Brock teaches you how to defend your store and your bottom line from product hijackers and other annoyances.

Overall, Brock isn’t trying to provide you a step-by-step guide in this course. If that’s all he taught, it would be harder to apply it to other e-commerce business. Instead, the content teaches you a framework that you can apply to most e-commerce businesses.

It’s normally $199.99 on Udemy, but again, wait a bit and you could snag it for only a few bucks.

That’s It!

Those are the 17 best Amazon FBA courses of 2019. There are probably a thousand more out there, but these are the greatest in my opinion.

Whether you’re looking to break free of your 9-5, you’re seeking a new challenge, or you just want an additional income stream, all these can be accomplished through Amazon FBA.

However, I’ll Paypal you $500 if you show me a better business to start than our method.

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