Is Kairos Technologies just a Ponzi scam?

kairosKairos Technologies is a network marketing company that offers tech talent on demand for companies in need.

Concept is pretty unique in the MLM industry, but that being said, there’s not really a sustainable income opportunity offered here.

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Either way, here’s the full review on Kairos Technologies.


Kairos Technologies is based out of the UK…and that’s about all the information that’s available on their website.

Nothing about when they were founded or by whom, although their domain was registered in 2014. The “Management” page on their website leads to a weird, generic diagram of the management structure that you’d find in a business 101 class without naming a single person in leadership.

They appear to also go by the name KairosPlanet, and a quick search on LinkedIn will uncover a handful of people who might be in leadership, although with the way MLM hands out titles like candy, they could just be regular distributors.

It doesn’t matter though, because none of these people have any information on their profiles. Michel Vieira calls himself President of KairosPlanet, but his profile says nothing else other than that he lives in Geneva, Switzerland. He doesn’t even have a profile photo. Janny Cavassini, a man who randomly pops up in one of their marketing videos under the title “CEO of Kairos Technologies” also lives in Geneva, Switzerland and is following Kairos Technologies, but his official title on his LinkedIn profile is just “social worker / entrepreneur”. [1]

Again, sketchy.

The Kairos website urges people to “Become part of a global international project by creating your own planet in the Kairos Universe.”

Sounds cryptic and alluring, but if you think that’s supposed to mean something, it’s not. The rest of the website is filled with such poorly written English that it’s hard to figure out what this company is even pushing. My guess is they’re not actually based in the UK…just a hunch.

How much does Kairos Technologies cost?
Kairos offers four different “agreements”, depending on how much an affiliate wants to invest and how much disk space they want to rent out. The more money and disk space, the higher the ROI.

  1. 15 GB Rent: $125
  2. 70 GB Rent: $597
  3. 180 GB Rent: $1,577
  4. 320 GB Rent: $2,777


Kairos Technologies doesn’t actually sell any products or services. Instead, they recruit people to provide them a service that they then pay for.

Basically, affiliates rent out a portion of their disk space. They must have a certain amount of available disk space (15 GB to 320 GB), and they must download and install a special software program that they then have to leave running by staying online for at least 10 hours a day. The company is renting this unused disk space to “develop global distributed computing systems”.

In addition to renting disk space, affiliates get access to a variety of hardware and software programs, depending on their buy-in package, from Kairos Technologies that are likely all bogus. They include…


  • KairosMail, a secure mailing service (for all affiliates)
  • KairosDisk, secure cloud data storage (for affiliates who purchased packages 2-4)
  • KairosSurf, secure internet access (for affiliates who purchased packages 3-4)


  • KairosPhone, a secure and private communications device that has the specs of a cell from 2004 (for affiliates who purchased package 4)
  • KairosRouter, a 3G secure wireless data transfer system (for affiliates who purchased package 4)

Compensation Plan

As I mentioned, each buy-in package offers a different ROI, all depending on how much money you’re willing to invest and how much disk space you’re willing to rent. Kairos estimates the following ROIs:

  1. 15 GB ($125): $312.50 annual ROI
  2. 70 GB ($597): $1,492.50 annual ROI
  3. 180 GB ($1,577): $3,942.50 annual ROI
  4. 320 GB ($2,777): $6,942.50 annual ROI

In addition to this money, affiliates make commissions on referrals through a unilevel compensation plan infinity levels deep.

All affiliates get 15% commission on their Level 1 (personally sponsored affiliates). After that, commission rates depend on rank. Affiliates who get past Assistant rank, the first ranking, get 10% on their Level 2 and 5%-30% on their level 3 and onwards.

That means that the highest ranks, like the Chief Ambassadors, are making a whopping 30% on ALL of their Level 3 affiliates and onward, infinity levels deep. That’s huge. Of course, no one makes it up that high.

The company also offers a 1% Matching Bonus, a 1-2% Leader Supporting Bonus, a 1% Generation Bonus on your two strongest legs, and a 1% World Bonus Pool. However, you have to hit certain ranks to access these bonuses (see: PLS, Infinii, or Wealthy Affiliate).


If you’re still confused about what it is this company does, that’s because they don’t really do anything.

Kairos Technology might just be a straight up Ponzi scheme. How are they making money to pay you 200%+ ROIs for doing nothing but turning on your computer?

I’ve been involved with network marketing for almost ten years so I know what to look for when you consider a new opportunity.

After reviewing 200+ business opportunities and systems out there, here is the one I would recommend:

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