Why My Lead System Pro is still on top

mlspThere are HORDES of MLMs out there now that claim to teach you all the ins and outs of how to get rich on the internet, whether it’s through affiliate marketing, drop shipping, or lead generation.

Back in 2008 when My Lead System Pro launched, they were one of the first. They even came around before digital darlings Empower Network and Tecademics.

With over 100,000 members, they’re still one of the biggest, though that doesn’t mean they’re one of the best.

I’m not saying the products aren’t legit, but in terms of passive income, there are better opportunities out there.

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Make sense? Either way, here’s the full review on My Lead System Pro.


One of the coolest things about My Lead System Pro is this network of 100,000 members that you become a part of. So many of the old school members have become leaders in online marketing, and now they’re there to show you the ropes. What’s more, you can go to these people for advice on your ideas, questions when you feel stuck, and even to form partnerships. That alone is invaluable.

My Lead System Pro helps everyone from business owners to affiliate marketers promote and market their business.

A big target for them is also multi-level marketers. That’s right – an MLM that teaches MLMers how to build their network at another MLM (see the top MLMs here).

What they really teach you is how to be successful at “attraction marketing”, which is not an easy thing to do.

Attraction marketing is every company’s dream: it’s the idea that your product or your brand is so enticing, so popular, that customers come to you without you having to do any work. The concept and term was coined by Mike Dillard, a rags-to-riches internet millionaire who started one of the biggest network marketing training companies, Magnetic Sponsoring. [1]

Of course, it takes years of work to build up and put in place the system that makes attraction marketing effective. Believe it or not, trends don’t just happen – they’re planned. My Lead System Pro wants to teach you how to do that.

Unfortunately, attraction marketing is more of an art than a science. It takes a special person to pull it off, and there’s no top secret, easy to follow, step-by-step guide to hacking it. That being said, training and education is definitely part of it.

How much does My Lead System Pro cost?

To partake in their affiliate program, you need to be a member. There’s no differentiation here between customers and distributors.

The basic membership, MLSP University, costs $49.97/month. The advanced membership, MLSP Mastery, unlocks all trainings and educational materials and costs $149.97/month.

There’s a big “WARNING” label on their website that says:

“Without Mastery, it would take you Years (if ever) to create the VALUE, products, websites, profit centers, and revenue streams that are waiting for you inside Mastery. Stop struggling, LEVERAGE, and build your business exactly like the pros starting today!”

So, they do offer a more affordable membership, but then they turn around and basically say it’s worthless. Plan on saying goodbye to $1,800/year.


The memberships are their products, and as stated above, there is a $49.97/month MLSP University membership and a $149.97/month MLSP Mastery membership.

MLSP University includes:

  • Marketing training and access to various PDFs and webinars
  • Email & Skype support
  • Access to the Facebook group
  • Custom Autoresponder
  • Site Creator
  • Split Testing
  • Video Hosting
  • Facebook fanpage templates
  • Five lead generation bonuses

MLSP Mastery gets you all of that, as well as:

  • Access to additional training materials
  • 100% profit on products you sell
  • $100 per membership per month from people you upgrade to Mastery level
  • 100% access to all one-time offers

That 100% profit on products you sell and $100 per membership alone is definitely worth the upgrade.

But even the MLSP Mastery membership doesn’t give you access to everything. (But wait, there’s more!)

You can purchase membership upgrades and more advanced training if you still feel like you haven’t gotten enough. They’ve got…

Training Library, which gives you access to all the training materials and videos they’ve released since 2008 for $797+

Attraction Marketing Intensive, a class on attraction marketing that’s actually designed by an MLSP member and vet for $297

Sound Traffic Mojo, also created by MLSP members, which teaches you how to target the best leads possible through…music? Not sure about this one, but it costs $149.97.

If that isn’t enough for you when it comes to upsells, MLSP also promotes other MLMs like Empower Network and MOBE.

Compensation Plan

There are 4 ways to earn with MLSP if you’re a Mastery level member.

  1. Commission on personal sales

University level members make 30%-40% commission on product sales. But Mastery members get 100% commission on product sales, less a small transaction fee. That’s pretty incredible.

  1. Continuity revenue

This is to reward you for all your upgraded Mastery customers that stay members. Every month that they pay their Mastery membership fee, you pocket $100. Of course, the catch here is that they have to like the product enough to stick around and continue paying a pretty hefty membership fee.

  1. High-ticket revenue

Once you’ve upgraded to Mastery level, there are some products that can net you a grand in commission…off one sale. Of course, that’s one tough sale to make.

  1. MLM/Business Revenue

This money isn’t coming from MLSP. The idea here is that you take what you learn from MLSP and use it to make more money with your own MLM/company.


My Lead System Pro is not a bad company at all, and the skills it claims to teach are definitely lucrative.

But it’s also incredibly expensive. And they’re not going to build your business for you.

Unless you already have a money-making enterprise up and running, their training might not be all that valuable to you.

Attraction marketing isn’t easy to learn – it takes time, a lot of time, and a dash of innate skill. If you don’t have a knack for it and the time and money to invest in learning, you’re not going to come out on top.

If you want to learn and improve your marketing skills, and you’ve got some cash to throw around, this isn’t a bad opportunity. But it’s not the best, either.

I’ve been involved with network marketing for almost ten years so I know what to look for when considering an income opportunity.

After reviewing 200+ business opportunities and systems out there, here is the one I would recommend:

Click here for my #1 recommendation

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