Younique is a trendy cosmetics MLM with clever branding and marketing strategies. The 1950s are calling and they want their Tupperware parties back, right? Telling companies they HAVE to embrace the digital revolution if they want to stay competitive is old news, but they don’t always listen. Younique, on the other hand, hasn’t just embraced [...]

Zinzino is a health and wellness network marketing company that offers nutritional supplements like fish oil. Fish oil has been a trendy subject in the health space in recent years. That’s what Zinzino is all about. Curing the world of all its ailments, lengthening the human lifespan, and hitting a million customers in the next [...]

Wealthy Affiliate is a network marketing company that offers training and tools to help members start a successful affiliate marketing business. Imagine sitting back and watching the Benjamins roll in without ever having to recruit a single soul or hit up a single relative on social media. Or even lifting a finger, for that matter. [...]

Xyngular is another health and wellness MLM based in Utah. Shocking, right? But they’ve been going through some crazy growth spurts recently, shooting them up to the top of the crop when it comes to new Utah businesses. People dig the products. Does this you should get involved? Product-wise this company might be legit, but [...]

Zurvita is a popular health and wellness MLM that offers nutritional supplements like protein shakes. This company is kind of like the people’s MLM – on the surface. With only four weight loss products and a simple business model, the company has really grown in recent years. They win a lot of awards and recognition for employee [...]

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