Consulting Accelerator review – does Sam Ovens’s course work?

Consulting Accelerator is a course that teaches how to build a profitable 6-figure consulting business.

In our review, you’ll find out if Consulting Accelerator delivers on this promise.Consulting Accelerator

It’s quite possible to get paid the big bucks for giving advice.

No, I’m not talking about therapists. I’m talking about consultants.

See, companies are always looking for ways to improve their business’s strengths or reduce their weaknesses. While they can sometimes figure it out themselves, they’ll usually hire a consultant specializing in the problem they’re having.

For example, a company may want expert advice on a new product launch. They’d hire a marketing consultant to advise them as they’re creating their campaign.

Or perhaps the company’s experiencing internal structural problems or inefficiencies. To solve these problems, they might bring in management consultants.

No matter the type, one thing remains the same across consulting: the earning potential.

This is due to their intense focus on one area of business. Companies see this as an investment, so they’re willing to shell out a lot of money if it means they’re increasing profits or maximizing their efficiency.

In the past, the word “consulting” conjured up images of big boardrooms full of corporate big wigs in fancy suits.

That is the traditional form of consulting, and it’s still prevalent today.

However, you no longer have to land a job at a prestigious consulting firm like McKinsey or Bain. The definition’s expanded, so almost anyone can start and grow a successful consulting business in almost any field.

For example, you could go with a classic marketing consultancy.

Or maybe you’re great at giving dating advice. Call yourself a dating consultant and you’ll have clients flock to you if you build a successful practice.

But the road to consulting success is a perilous one, no matter what you consult on.

Sam Ovens, a young entrepreneur from New Zealand who’s ads have recently been all over the internet, found massive success with his own marketing consultancy a few years ago. So many people were asking how he did it, so he decided to make a business out of teaching how to consult.

And so, he created and his main course, Consulting Accelerator.

Like other internet marketers that seem to come out of nowhere, a lot of people think this random New Zealander is scamming people out of their money with “make money online” courses. Just this time, it’s under the guise of consulting.

With that in mind, here’s our full Consulting Accelerator review.


1.) What is Sam’s business that teaches people how to start and grow consulting businesses. They are headquartered in both Manhattan, New York and Dublin, Ireland.

2.) What is Consulting Accelerator? A 6-week course that teaches you how to start a profitable 6-figure consulting business. Sam promises you’ll land your first client within 42 days if you follow Consulting Accelerator’s teachings.

3.) Who is Sam Ovens? Sam Ovens is an entrepreneur known best for Originally from Auckland, New Zealand, Sam held a corporate job while attending college. During this time, he was exposed to the lifestyle of an entrepreneur worth half a billion dollars, so he quit his job to pursue entrepreneurship. Sam built and sold websites to businesses to fund his ventures. He failed several times before succeeding with a software business. His website side hustle turned into a successful digital marketing consultancy. People wanted to know how his digital marketing consultancy did so well, so he launched to teach others.

4.) What are the names of his successful business? SnapInspect was his first successful business. SnapInspect sold a property inspection app to property management businesses. At the same time, he launched his digital marketing agency using skills he picked up selling websites and running his various businesses. And then, of course, there’s

5.) What are the names of his failed businesses? PromoteYourself, a New Zealand-focused job board, was his first business. He didn’t earn a penny. The same thing happened with his second business, a meal-delivery service called ToTheDesk that targeted office workers. He picked up website building during this time, a side business he would use to fund his main ventures.

6.) What is OVENS Enterprises Group? This is the official legal name of Sam Oven’s business.

7.) What exactly is consulting? Consulting is a business model where you give objective, expert advice to other businesses. Typical consulting tasks are dependent on the industry the consultant works in. A marketing consultant’s work looks a lot different than a financial consultant.

8.) What’s included in Consulting Accelerator? The main content is 52 modules split up among 6 weeks, with a 7th digital marketing bonus week if you submit a video referral. The modules cover niche selection, mindset, sales, marketing, Facebook ads, service delivery, and the digital marketing bonus in that order. Sam sends you physical workbooks and various other course materials to complete along with the lessons. Other features include twice-weekly Q&A with Sam’s team and access to a private Facebook group. You have lifetime access to all of this.

9.) What format is the course delivered in? Video and mp3. All video content is also transcribed into text form.

10.) How much time is required per week? There are about 105 hours of content, so you’ll need about 21 hours per week complete it in 6 weeks. However, you can take as much time as you need due to your lifetime access.

11.) How much does Consulting Accelerator cost? $1,997 up front, or 5 payments of $597. The sales page has “$5991 every day” with a red line through it, but that’s probably just a marketing tactic.

12.) Is there a free trial? Yes, but you have to go here and give him your email. He also gives you a $500 discount if you buy the course this way.

13.) What’s Consulting Accelerator’s refund policy? They offer a 14-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

14.) Are there any upsells? Yes, his course called Uplevel Consulting. However, you have to apply for it due to its target market and price.

15.) Is there an affiliate program? Yes, although details are elusive. They have a “refer a friend” program that gives your referrals a $500 discount, but I don’t know of the commission structure.

16.) What is OVENS Enterprise Group’s BBB Rating? A

17.) Is Consulting Accelerator a scam? No. The course has a ton of valuable information, but you have to do the work to build a successful consulting business.

18.) Comparable Products: Idea Validation: From Idea to Paying Customer In One Day,  Tai Lopez’s Accelerator, Zero To Launch

Consulting Accelerator Review – Overview

Consulting Accelerator teaches you how to start and grow a profitable consultancy from scratch.

It’s the entry-level course of Sam Oven’s business.

Speaking of Sam Ovens, a short background.

Born in New Zealand, Sam was raised by blue-collar parents that taught him the only route to success was putting his nose to the grindstone in college and then the corporate world.

He did that for a while, working at Vodafone while finishing up at college.

But one weekend would change everything for him.

His girlfriend at the time invited him to her friend’s “beach house”, but it turned out it was an entire island owned by a guy worth around half a billion dollars. He inquired about the price of a statue on this guy’s island, just to find he’d have to work another two decades to save that kind of money.

After that, there was no going back to the 9-5, $50k per year life.

With barely any work experience and not a lick entrepreneurship experience, he built his first business, a job board/network calledPromoteYourself.

It failed.

He then tried again with a meal-delivery service targeting office workers called ToTheDesk.

It failed.

After his 2nd failure, he began a side hustle building and selling websites to fund more venture.

Finally, he would apply lessons from his failures to build his 3rd business, a property management app called SnapInspect.

It was a success! He presold it to ensure there was demand before further work, and he managed to presell $5,000 worth of software licenses to before a single line of code was written.

While running SnapInspect, he expanded his website business into a full-time digital marketing consultancy using marketing skills he learned with his other businesses. This business helped fund the more expensive SnapInspect.

But by the time SnapInspect was profitable, his marketing agency was pulling in way more money with much lower expenses.

So he sold SnapInspect and scaled his agency.

People came to him in droves asking how he did so well with consulting. This led to the birth of, and with it, Consulting Accelerator.

Sam took everything he learned along his journey to consulting success and crammed it into this course. He didn’t hold back, as you’ll see in the rest of our Consulting Accelerator review.


Consulting Accelerator has 52 modules split up among 6 weeks. In order, the weeks are called Fundamentals and Foundations, New Paradigm and Worldview, Alchemy of Client Conversion, Alchemy of Client Attraction, Fractal Facebook Evolution, and Minimum Viable Service Delivery. You get 2 live video chat Q&A calls with Sam’s team for each week of the course.

Each week starts with a short overview module outlining that week’s content.

Every week except for weeks 3 and 5 have 8 modules each, including each overview module. Weeks 3 and 5 have 6 and 14 modules respectively, also including overview modules.

There are around 105 hours of video and mp3 content altogether, and all the video content is transcribed into text form.

In addition to the course content, Sam mails you a nice little black folder full of physical workbooks. These workbooks contain homework assignments to help you absorb the material, but they also have some useful cheat sheets and other reference materials.

Finally, there’s a private Facebook group for Consulting Accelerator students to network, discuss their challenges in business, and give each other advice.

Once you buy the course, you get lifetime access to all of this.

But let’s get to the course content.

Week 1 lays the foundation.

After some general housekeeping information in Module 1, you learn about “Natural Law” and its importance to your success as a consultant in Modules 2 and 3.

Modules 4 and 5 cover various aspects of markets and niche selection, while Modules 6 and 7 conclude the week by showing you how to craft your business’s minimum viable offer and message.

Before you get to the hard business lessons, you spend Week 2 learning about the mindset behind success.

This whole week is essentially a journey where Sam smashes your limiting beliefs and shifts your mindset permanently so you can be ready to build a successful consulting business.

In Module 1, Sam reveals to you a “dark force” that holds entrepreneurs back from success and keeps them in a negative mindset.

Once he’s identified the problem, he teaches you in Module 2 how to “face off with the devil” and win, or in other words, face down and destroy your “dark side” full of anxiety, procrastination, and self-sabotage. Sam even shares his personal struggles with anxiety and doubt.

Module 3 dives deeper into philosophical territory with its discussion about the “duality of man” and conflict.

In Module 4, Sam shows you how society’ current paradigm is flawed and he eventually introduces the new paradigm vital to your success.

Module 5 is all about you: who you are now, what you want to be, and how to bridge that gap.

Finally, Module 6 fully explains the new paradigm by bringing this week’s content together. You learn some abstract stuff, like how to separate your character from your thoughts.

The week concludes with Module 7’s lessons about “hacking” your mind so it’s “programmed” for success.

Overall, this week gets more philosophical than you’d expect a business course to be, but it’s an interesting section nevertheless.

By the end of this week, you should be ready to go to work.

Now, you just need to learn the business stuff, which starts in Week 3.

Time to learn all about converting customers. After Sam provides an overview of the week and debunks some sales myths in Module 1, the 2 hour-long Module 2 teaches you everything you need to know about sales, including his sales script.

He then shows you how to turn his script into your own in Module 3, as well as how to improve on your script when you need to.

Module 4 teaches you how to conquer doubt so you can bust any sales “slumps” you might hit.

Module 5 puts an end to the abstraction, but only after bringing all the pieces together and “igniting your flame”, which is Sam’s version of the term “proof of concept”.

In Week 3, you learned about going to clients and converting them. Now, it’s time to learn how to bring them to you in Week 4.

Sam teaches you the “big trap” most aspiring entrepreneurs fall into early in the game in Module 1.

Module 2 teaches the art and science of attracting clients. It also introduces both organic and paid traffic, covered by Modules 3 and 4 respectively.

In Module 5, it’s time to assemble the war machine. Technical details like business registration, your website, and payment processing are covered here.

Module 6 then brings it all together into a 30-day plan of attack, while Module 7 shows you how to conquer paralysis due to fear or indecision.

Week 5 is a long one at over 24 hours, and it’s all about Facebook. 

I won’t list all the modules, but Week 5 takes you through the entire process of running a Facebook ad campaign.

You start out by learning everything about Facebook ads, including their rules and algorithms. Sam eventually introduces you to the process of ad campaign creation, starting with showing you his Facebook strategy.

Towards the end of this week, he shows you how to set a daily routine for managing your Facebook campaign, and then eventually how to scale it to the moon.

Finally, it’s time to learn how to structure the operational side of your business for high profits and maximum efficiency without sacrificing work quality in Week 6.

Up until now, you’ve probably been winging it a bit. Week 6 is all about formalizing your operations so you can scale.

Module 1 shows you how to streamline your offer so you can continue to wow your clients in far less time.

Module 2 shifts the focus to the client. Sam tells you all about how to set client expectations and structure client relationships for maximum professionalism and of course, maximum efficiency.

In Module 3, it’s time to bring others aboard and begin your scaling efforts. You’ll learn how to hire the best contractors to deliver the results you’re known for, as well as how to actually work alongside them.

With your business growing in complexity, you’ll need some project and workflow management skills if you don’t want to be putting out fires all the time. Module 4 teaches you these skills. In addition, Sam shares some software tools and productivity hacks that help him run his million-dollar businesses.

Once you can manage projects, you’ll learn some basic financial principles that’ll help you run your company and manage cash flows in Module 5. Again, Sam shares some financial software/tools that make everything easier.

Modules 6 and 7 is where you’ll really learn how to scale.

Module 6 is about growing your platform and using referral strategies. You then implement these into a 30-day plan, a 60-day plan, and a 90-day plan.

And finally, Module 7 is about marketing automation. This is the last module of the regular course material and the key ingredient to lowering your time investment in your business while skyrocketing your profits.

There is a bonus week that isn’t normally advertised with Consulting Accelerator. 

To get it, I believe you have to submit a video review for Sam to use on his site.

At only 3 modules, it’s much shorter than the other weeks. However, it covers some scaling stuff.

You’ll notice Sam is a big fan of metaphors and imagery. For example, he references the Garden of Eden a lot for the Facebook stuff. Some might think it’s corny, but I think he’s just doing the best he can to not make his course boring.

Also, I don’t think I’ve seen another course that covers so much of the emotional and mindset sides of business. Sam did a good job with Module 2.


Consulting Accelerator has one direct upsell called Uplevel Consulting. However, you aren’t upsold on it until the end of the bonus week in Consulting Accelerator.

In fact, you can’t buy it without applying first.

Uplevel Consulting is built for those who already have a profitable business but are looking to systemize and automate everything for scaling purposes. It’s the “sequel” to Consulting Accelerator.

Even the format is the same, aside from the extra 3 weeks of course material.

In addition to Uplevel Consulting, offers one other course called Quantum Mastermind. Based on its description, Quantum Mastermind is the end of his “trilogy” of consulting courses. It’s meant only for the hungriest of entrepreneurs who want their businesses to reach 8 or even 9 figures.

You aren’t upsold Quantum Mastermind in Consulting Accelerator, though.


Consulting Accelerator costs $1,997 up front. You can also opt for 5 monthly payments of $597.

Typical of high-ticket online courses, Consulting Accelerator lists an “everyday price” of $5,991 that they crossed out. I suspected that’s the same marketing tactics other online courses use, and a few Google searches confirmed my belief.

However, if you head over to this page or if you’re referred by an affiliate, you get a $500 discount AND a 7-day free trial.

Uplevel Consulting costs $6,000, but it probably has a monthly payment option too. Before you turn your nose up at that price tag, remember that it’s built for those who have a profitable business. $6,000 shouldn’t be a lot of money for the type of student Sam wants in Uplevel Consulting.

The point, after all, is to earn back that $6,000 using the course content.

Pricing is elusive on Quantum Mastermind, but it’s safe to assume that a course that teaches how to scale to 9 figures is worth a lot more than $6,000.

Affiliate Program

Consulting Accelerator has an affiliate program. However, there isn’t information anywhere about signing up or commissions structure.

The only way I know there’s an affiliate program is because other reviewers have affiliate links in their Consulting Accelerator reviews. Of course, they don’t mention anything in their reviews about the affiliate program.

I even dug through Facebook and found a 2016 post on Sam’s verified Facebook page asking if Consulting Accelerator had an affiliate program.

He didn’t answer.

What I do know is they have a “refer a friend” program. Referrals get a $500 discount on their course purchase.

I’m not sure if this referral program has commissions because again, there’s no info anywhere.

Your best bet is to contact Sam directly if you’re a student.


Overall, Sam really delivers in Consulting Accelerator.

This course has so much content compared to a lot of other courses I’ve seen. Rightfully so, given it’s $2,000 price tag.

When it comes down to it, almost anything could be turned into a consultancy. Old examples like marketing or financial consulting are tried and true options, but you could consult on anything as long as there’s a market with a specific problem.

And thanks to Sam, you now have all the tools and knowledge to do so.

There’s never been a better time to start an online business if you’re willing to put in the work.

I’ll Paypal you $500 if you show me a better business to start than our method.

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