What happened to Numis Network?

numisNumis Network was an MLM company with a precious metal and rare coin auto-ship program for the coin collecting enthusiasts.

There’s actually a pretty solid market for these collectible rare coins and Numis cashed in on it while they could…

But in 2013, popular luxury travel MLM World Ventures bought out Numis and since then, the website no longer exists and coins are no longer sold.

So if you’re here hoping to make money with Numis, the bad news is that you can’t anymore.

The good news is, there’s about 99 better ways to make side income than peddling rare coins to your friends and family.

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Either way, here’s the full review on Numis Network.


Numis Network was started by a handful of serious MLM vets, including Ian Cordell and Chris Kent. Both have spent decades in the industry, and they previously founded IDSTC, a company that specializes in developing software and compensation plans for the direct selling industry (see: Norwex, Omnilife, or Nuriche).

Jake Kevorkian, another founder who also has over 20 years of MLM experience, was the #1 earner at a health and wellness MLM that sold before Numis came into creation.

The company has been around since 2009, and they’re registered in Tampa, Florida.

Their name, Numis, comes from the word numismatic, as in numismatic coins. Still sounds like gibberish?

Numismatic coins are collectible coins. I don’t mean just any coins you might find at an antique shop or home shopping network advertisement. Numismatic coins are the cream of the crop for coin collectors. They’re concerned about something very important here – rarity.

According to CoinWeek, these include everything from the most recent U.S. Mint coins to coins that are so rare their value is in the millions. There’s potential in the industry for it to hit the multi-billion dollar mark. [1]

The company staffs a couple numismatic coin experts and industry icons, including Keith Love and Mike Mezack.

However, on July 19th, 2013, Numis Network officially merged with World Ventures, a luxury travel MLM that I’ve reviewed before.  At the time of the merger, the companies allowed distributors to sell World Ventures products, continue selling collectible coins, or do both.

It seems like an odd combination because it is. The reason for the merger was never fully explained by either company. According to a letter sent by Numis to its distributors, the connection was that Numis offers a lot of incentive vacations and World Ventures specialized in travel, so the pairing makes sense, right?

Sureee. It looks like Numis just went out of business and was paid off to give their distributors a bridge between a ship that’s already sinking and a ship that will probably sink in the future.

The Numis Network website no longer exists, and World Ventures (shocker) no longer sells the Numis collectible coins.

How much does Numis cost? It costs $495 to become a Numis distributor, and you need to receive a monthly autoship of one coin which you get at a discounted monthly membership fee.


For rare coin collectors, “mint” condition is very important. In fact, there are even grades to the “mint” condition of a coin, like grades to the quality of a diamond.

Coins can get bumped and scratch as they’re being produced, and the most pristine of coins are graded “MS70”. The experts at Numis find the rarest, highest quality mint coins out there, and purchase them directly from the agencies who grade the coins, so you know they’re legit.

New members can sign up for a monthly subscription that costs $79.85 (imagine paying almost $80 for $.50 cents?), and they automatically get a new collectible coin shipped to them each month. The first month of the subscription is discounted at $49.95.

Customers can also buy individual coins and other products. These include a 3-month gift subscription, jewelry made from collectible coins, key chains, money clips, watches, and other accessories.

Compensation Plan

Numis has a 3-for-free program that allows you to get your monthly autoship product for free if you refer 3 people in a month. If you refer 6 people in a month, you get 2 coins. 9 people, you get 3 coins, etc etc.

Distributors receive retail commission on personal sales, which is the difference between their wholesale price and retail value.

Depending on rank, you can receive 10%-25% on the BV of your preferred customers’s purchases.

Accelerator Bonuses award you 10%-50% commission on accelerator package sales.

Team commissions are given out on a binary pay plan and range from 10%-12.5% on your weaker leg, down to unlimited levels. There are maximum payouts. There’s also a binary matching bonus that ranges from 5%-40%.

Bonus pools, car incentives, vacations, and other perks are available to the highest ranking distributors.


There may be some serious coin collectors out there, but collectible coins are NOT an investment.

Unlike gold or silver, they don’t have intrinsic value. They are not an asset. A bank would never consider them to be valued at more than their face value (i.e. an ultra rare mega mint first ever made nickel is still just valued at 5 cents).

The commission plan is good, but the start up costs are a little insane.

It doesn’t matter though, because Numis’s light has been extinguished for a while now. Their “merger” with World Ventures appears to have been more of a quiet disappearance. So it goes in the world of MLM, so it goes.

Look, if it’s financial freedom you seek and you like automated ways to build passive income, there are better ways.

(and you can trash those old MLM habits, too)

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