Why are INFINii affiliates going broke?

infiniiINFINii is a network marketing company that offers business coaching with a money making opportunity for members who bring their friends on board.

Have you ever stumbled upon a business opportunity that offers big cash in exchange for no experience, no knowledge, and no real work?

Well, INFINii pretty much claims to be just that. Obviously it couldn’t be quite that simple, but the company promises big things.

The founders of the company have had a rocky history in the MLM space so making a sustainable income with INFINii seems doubtful.

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Either way, here’s the full review on INFINii.


INFINii is run by Hitesh Juneja, Kevin Hokoana, and Jason Rose. This is the same group that created DS Domination, an MLM that claimed to teach members how to make money online through dropshipping.

The two companies have some key differences, but on a lot of levels, INFINii kind of just looks like a rebranding of DS Domination.

DS Domination also promised members that they didn’t need ANY previous knowledge or experience whatsoever. And they didn’t, but part of that was because the “dropshipping” training they offered wasn’t true dropshipping, but rather an easier (and less profitable) form of dropshipping that entails reselling stuff on eBay from places like Amazon for inflated prices.

As you might guess, the more buzz DS Domination got, the more saturated eBay became with new sellers all selling the same thing, the more impossible it became to even make enough money to pay off DS Domination’s monthly membership. People realized this, DS Domination started to fall from grace…

…and along came INFINii.

The founders of INFINii have been running these kinds of MLMs for about 8 years now, and INFINii has been around for 3 years. According to the founders, INFINii is their “ultimate vision…combining the worlds of eCommerce, Digital content, Freelance service exchange, and Human Interaction.”

Not quite sure what that means (or why they decided to randomly capitalize words), but let’s find out.

How much does INFINii cost?

INFINii has three membership levels.

Prime – $49.95/month

Offers basic eCommerce training for Amazon, eBay, and Google.

Surge – $149.95/month

Offers advanced techniques for Amazon and eBay.

Excel – $399.99/month

Offers training for people who want to start selling their own products and building a brand.


The above memberships are the products. There’s essentially no differentiation between customer and affiliate, which is never a good sign. It usually means that you can count on making almost 100% of your profit on recruiting rather than the product itself, which is really just a placeholder.

The Prime membership teaches you how to sell products from places like Amazon on eBay at a marked up price and then go order the product on Amazon with the buyer’s shipping information entered in.

What they’re teaching you is actually called arbitrage and not dropshipping. It’s basically dropshipping for people who are lazy or don’t know anything about internet marketing.

It sounds like a genius way to make some easy cash, but it’s actually very difficult to make any decent money in the long run because it relies on prices that are constantly changing, and it offers very, very small profit margins.

The software that you get includes…

  • An eBay listing tool that automates listing creation (all memberships)
  • Bonanza training for selling on the Google marketplace (all memberships)
  • INFINii app that lets you scan in-store retail items and tells you if they’d be profitable on Amazon (all memberships)
  • Analytics tools that tell you upcoming trends as well as your best and worst selling items (Surge & Excel memberships)
  • Amazon training that teaches you how to source items for wholesale (Surge membership)
  • Access to the INFINii marketplace (Surge membership)

Of course, the real value in paying more for a higher membership level is that you get access to higher commission levels in the compensation plan (common in MLM companies, see: World Global Network, WWDB, and THW Global).

What’s more, the income disclosure statement gives the following example of someone making a semi-decent salary of $60,000/year from their training:

“For example, if your aim is to generate $5,000 a month in net profits using INFINii’s ecommerce platform, you would require about $40,000 to $60,000 in sales every month. This would require for you to be amongst the top 5% of ecommerce sellers in the world.” [1]

You’d have to sell $40,000-$60,000 worth of marked up Amazon products PER MONTH just to make an okay salary of this product. You’d have to be in the top 5%, not of INFINii affiliates, but of all ecommerce sellers in the world, which includes huge corporations and people who are very, very experienced in the field.

Compensation Plan

Affiliates will tell you that INFINii has one of the best comp plans on the market because it pays its affiliates out on 75% (see the best MLMs ranked here).

This is not really true.

They have a hybrid compensation plan that pays out in 4 main ways.

JumpStart Bonus

This is a 25% one-time bonus on your personally sponsored customers.

Milestones Bonus & Check Match Bonus

These are one-time bonuses ranging from $50-$500 for reaching certain ranks, as well as a matching bonus on affiliates in your first two levels who reach a certain rank (Manager or up). You get 20% on affiliates in your Level 1 who reach one of these ranks, and 10% on affiliates in your Level 2 who reach one of these ranks.

Infinity Pay

Infinity pay pays out 10% of the BV of each leg with no minimum BV required.

Infinity Pay Check Match

This is matching pay off the Infinity Pay of all of your personal recruits. Percentages depend on rank, as follows:

  • Regional Manager: 5%
  • National Manager: 10%
  • Global Manager: 15%
  • Director: 30%
  • Senior Director: 35%
  • Executive Director: 40%
  • Presidential Director: 45%
  • Ambassador: 60%
  • Diamond Ambassador: 70%
  • Crown Ambassador: 80%
  • Global Ambassador: 100%

The plan doesn’t look like much unless you’re able to move up REALLY high in rank and build a HUGE downline, and their income disclosure statement supports that.

According to the statement, “Based on industry standards and company projections, the average annual gross income for Partners is projected to be anywhere between $500 and $2,000.”

Basically, most people are barely making enough to pay their cable bill, if they’re lucky.


Look, I’m not a hater of INFINii as I’ve shown throughout this entire review.

But it’s hard to ignore that the company appears shockingly similar to DS Domination, the company that INFINii’s founders ran into the ground.

If you think you’re going to simply join this company and make a ton of money getting your friends to do the same, you’re either overly ambitious or delusional.

If you’re interested in learning an actual skillset to build your own business, there are more in-depth, niche-specific coaching options out there.

Look, I’ve been involved with network marketing for almost ten years so I know what to look for when you are considering a new opportunity.

After reviewing 200+ business opportunities and systems out there, here is the one I would recommend:

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