Mary Kay is one of the best-known beauty multi-level marketing companies in the world… And the most popular. I mean, who hasn’t heard about their custom-made pink Cadillacs? When it comes to cosmetics direct sales, Mary Kay is almost #1 (we see you, Avon). Shoot, when it comes to MLM, they’re almost #1 with all the [...]

No one wants lipstick that smears or stains your teeth. So finding one that promises luscious lips with none of the drawbacks is attractive. Like, blow-up-the-internet attractive. Enter SeneGence… They’re a lipstick MLM better known by their flagship product: LipSense. You know those videos taking over Instagram of girls applying makeup and cosmetic products like lipstick and [...]

Monat is like the “doterra” of hair products. They “get it.” They understand that the only way a direct sales company has success is by the value created by their products. In other words, would anybody buy these if there wasn’t an “opportunity” involved? For 99% of MLMS, that answer is “no.” Why would I [...]

Paparazzi Accessories is a popular network marketing company that sells cheap, trendy jewelry via the direct sales model. There are entire stores in the mall dedicated to cheap necklaces and earrings that break or tarnish after five wears (hint: Forever 21) because, honestly, cheap fashion is what the people want. They want runway looks that cost [...]

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