15 realities about Zija International to read before joining

zijaZija is a health and wellness MLM company that offers nutrition supplements from the Himalayas.

Seems like every week there’s a new hyped up superfood, but for Zija it’s all about moringa.

Like all the other superfruits and magic plants, this one comes from a far-off, exotic land too – the Himalayas.

It’s buzzing all over news and social media, and it’s even been termed “the new kale”. [1]

Does this mean you should get involved?

Product-wise this company might be legit, but if you’re just interested in the business opportunity, there are better options out there…

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Either way, here’s 15 realities about Zija International to read before joining.

#15. Based on health benefits of moringa

One tablespoon of moringa leaf powder contains:
2 g protein
110 percent RDA Vitamin A
16 percent RDA calcium
28 percent RDA Vit E
85 percent RDA Riboflavin
48 percent RDA Vit C
10 percent RDA Iron [1]

Apparently, there’s pretty good evidence that moringa is a powerful source of nutritional value and can help with inflammation, digestion, mental clarity, energy, aging, immune system support, and even blood glucose levels. [2]

#14. Dynamic duo on board

They’ve got a pioneer of herbal supplements and a medical genius teamed up together.

Ken Brailsford basically invented herbal encapsulation, and after consuming parts of the moringa tree, is also responsible for bringing the ingredient to the supplement industry. He’s like The Beatles of the herbal supplement world.

The scientific arm of Zija is headed by Joshua Plant, who was a valedictorian of Harvard Medical School and has extensive experience formulating all kinds of new products based on botanicals like moringa.

#13. Three main products

They’ve got their moringa products, obviously.

These include weight management products, protein shakes, supplements, energy drinks, various teas, and a skin care line (can be compared to Jeunesse and Nerium).

They’ve got Ameo, their line of essential oils. Direct selling pretty much dominates all of the essential oil market [3], so it’s a good product to have. And Ameo is a well-known name in the industry (not quite as big as doTERRA or Young Living, though.

Finally, they’ve got Ripstix, which are workout supplements, pre and post-workout products. This is a huge industry, and it’s only growing.

#12. That’s one expensive plant

They’re not the worst prices I’ve seen amongst the infamously overpriced health and wellness MLMs, but one of their cases of moringa mix is $104 for 32 packets. [4]

For reference, Vitamin Shoppe sells 45 servings worth of moringa capsules for $14.99. [5]

While it’s true that products can differ in purity and quality, that price differential is a lot. You’d have to be a pretty incredible sales person to convince me that your product is worth over 7 times more money than your competitor’s.

#11. They have a certification process for reps

And they must be recertified every 90 days.

This might sound like a pain to you, but it’s actually a plus. It shows that the company actually cares about the quality of its reps and provides continual support for you.

Also, the more certifications you achieve, the better you get paid. [6]

Most MLMs don’t offer anywhere near this kind of support for their distributors, and it’s often why they fail.

They even have a “Zija University” resource to educate reps, and regular team calls are made from executives and the scientific team to educate and update reps on scientific findings and benefits of moringa as well as inform them of the latest product and event info. [7]

#10. Going mobile

Most recently, Zija announced their newest development—the Zija Life Unlimited Mobile App. Basically, distributors are now fully mobile and can take their business everywhere they go with ease.

The app allows them to do everything. They can access back office and training materials, enroll new recruits, share Zija related media, and close sales.

Zija will charge a “small” monthly fee for the use of this new app. [8]

#9. Proceeds go to a good cause

Proceeds from the new app, as well as other endeavors, go to a good cause – The Zija Miracle Foundation.

Zija’s founder says, “I had the opportunity in September to travel to northern India, near one of our Moringa farms. We are beginning our efforts at an orphanage for elderly individuals and children who have been abandoned. I was able to meet and interact with the residents as well as hand-deliver supplies such as stoves, mixers and bedding.” [9]

Although, working for an MLM, if you aren’t one of the top 1% earners you might start feeling like you deserve some charity.

#8. Decent compensation plan, but nothing special

There are a multitude of ways to earn.


You purchase at wholesale and sell at retail, making about 25% profit.

You have to be on auto-ship for 75 PV per month to quality for commission.

You get 10% commission off your personal recruits. More bonuses as you move up in rank, including commission on additional downlines. [10]

#7. You need to be on auto-ship

In order to qualify for commission earnings, you do need to be on auto-ship for at least 75 PV per month. Kind of a pain to have to pay a monthly bill just to make money.

#6. Life Unlimited

This is their motto, and it’s based on four pillars – nutrition, active lifestyle, financial freedom and personal development.

Basically a variation on the same 3 to 4 values every MLM is all about. At least they’re good ones?

#5. Profit participation plan

They’ve got a profit participation plan, which is a plus. And it recently expanded.

If you hit diamond level pay rank or above, you receive 5% of net company profits. [10] That’s a fantastic deal…

If you qualify for it. I’m going to go ahead and guess that almost no one does.

#4. Huge growth and international expansion

They started back in 2005, so they’re over both the 2-year mark and the 10-year hump. This is good news.

Zija is also present in over 30 countries. In 2012 they achieved over $100 million in revenue, although their revenue seems to have hit a plateau since then.

But their President and CEO says that, “revenue numbers are expected to jump dramatically this year.” So there’s that. [11]

#3. Top 10 company in Utah Valley

In 2014, they were named number 6 in terms of revenue in the Utah Valley. In 2013, revenue was over $144 million. [12]

They want to be a billion dollar brand by 2020…which is a lofty goal given their current status, but it’s possible.

#2. Still growing since then

And they haven’t stopped since then. While they lost some revenue in 2014 (it was $136 million), they have achieved 80% growth over the last three years.

They were also listed as #3795 on the Inc. 5,000 list.

Their biggest year, 2013, they were #504. [13]

Companies often slow down and then pick back up…but it’s still alarming.

#1. Expensive sign-on plan

In addition to the monthly auto-ship, the cost for a starter kit is more expensive than ones offered by similar industry competitors (like Rain). They START at $340.


Ask yourself one question: Are you all about the Zija products or is it all about the money-making opportunity?

Not a Zija hater, but your time could be better spent if you are trying to start a side-income stream.

Look, I’ve been involved with network marketing for over ten years so I know what to look for when you consider a new opportunity.

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