Dosh Review: Is this cash-back program legit?

doshDosh is a trendy new app that gives you cash back when you shop at popular stores, restaurants, and gas stations.

You’ve probably seen one of your friends post something about Dosh on their social media channels and now you’re here to see if it’s really legit or just a scam… Am I right?

Don’t worry, we got the scoop. We’re here to break down Dosh and explain how people are earning additional cash back on top of their credit card rewards every time they shop or fill up their gas tank.

Sound too good to be true? Read on…

First we’ll break down what Dosh is all about and how the app works. Next, we’ll go over the compensation plan and answer some frequently asked questions.

So what is this magical cash back app they call Dosh?

Dosh is an incredibly simple mobile app that will automatically give you cash back every time you eat out at certain restaurants or shop at certain stores that Dosh is connected with. They’ve partnered with hundreds of popular stores and businesses like Chevron, Pizza Hut, Sephora, and Forever 21. 

Many of them are businesses you probably already shop at or at least are familiar with.

They’ve been around since November of 2017 and already have an A rating by the BBB so it’s safe to say the company is doing things right. 

How does it work?

  1. You download their free app on your phone.
  2. You link a credit or debit card.
  3. Dosh puts money in your account automatically every time you spend. 

Getting started with Dosh is incredibly simple.

After downloading the free app, you must register for an account. Registering takes about 45 seconds and it’s 100% free to join with zero hidden or annual fees.

Finally, the only step left to start earning cash back with Dosh is to link a credit card or debit card to your account. They’ll even pay you $5 for every card you link.

Why do they need your credit card info? Well, while downloading the app and registering for an account is completely free, Dosh uses your credit card information to track your purchases.

Every time you make a purchase (using the same credit or debit card you provided when you signed up) at a business that has partnered with Dosh, you earn cash back, up to 15%.

You can add as many credit cards or debit cards as you want, and earn cash back with all of them. You can even link bank and PayPal accounts.

We won’t quite call it cash back hacking, but let’s just say you can double dip your credit cards and with Dosh. 

If you want some of the money back that you already spend every day, Dosh may be the app you need. 

It’s kind of like having a credit card with cash back rewards that works with hundreds of different businesses and restaurants. But there’s absolutely no credit applications, no credit scores, and no cards sent to you in the mail.

If you already have a credit card that gives you cash back, you can earn additional cash back with Dosh. 

Every time you fill your gas tank at a Chevron, you earn 3% cash back with a card you’ve linked to your Dosh app. 

Simply shop, eat, and fill your gas tank at the places you normally frequent and Dosh will reimburse you with cash. The money is added to your Dosh account and you can transfer it to your bank account at any time.

The Dosh app is available for both Apple and Android users, making it one of the most popular apps of the year.

Compensation Plan

Dosh is 100% free to join.

While it’s not quite an MLM, there are two ways you can earn money with Dosh immediately after signing up.

The first- Shop at businesses and eat at restaurants that have partnered with Dosh. Every time you make a purchase, Dosh automatically reimburses money into your Dosh account.

The second- Tell your friends about Dosh and earn $5 every time one of your friends signs up and links their credit card.

Once in a while they run promotions where you can earn $10 and $15 per referral. 

This is where you have the potential to make some extra cash pretty quickly if you have some friends or family members that would be interested in Dosh.

You probably won’t get rich and be able to quit your job with Dosh, but it could provide some extra cash here and there if you put a little effort into it.

How can you get referrals?

There are lots of ways you can spread the word about Dosh to earn some extra cash. If you got 5 people to join every day, that could be an extra $350 a week.

What are some effective ways of getting people to join without turning into that annoying Facebook-er that everyone wants to unfollow?

Here are some of the most creative strategies to bring people on board your Dosh train:

1- Start a blog

One of the most effective ways to reach a global audience and put a message in front of targeted people is to write blog posts.

The cool thing about blogs is that the people who choose to visit your blog probably already have an interest what you’re talking about.

Unlike a billboard on the side of the road that everyone sees as they drive by, a blog only shares a message to those that discover and read the blog, most of the time through a google search or via social media. 

2- Instagram ads

One of the most cost efficient ways to share a message with a target audience is to advertise on social media, specifically Instagram. 

For as little as $1/day you can share a message using a picture or video and have it shown to a specific demographic that you think would be most interested.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is Dosh a scam?

A: No. They are a real company launched in 2017 that pays cash rewards and thousands of people have already earned money by referring their friends.

Q: Is Dosh available in all countries?

A: No. At the time this review was written, Dosh is only available in the United States.

Q: How do you get paid?

A: Every time you earn cash back or refer a friend to Dosh, they put money in your Dosh account which can be transferred to your bank account at anytime.

Q: Can you use Dosh with cards currently involved with Yelp Cash Back?

A: No, Dosh currently does not allow you to use both cash back reward programs.

Q: Do you have to get approved to earn cash back?

A: No. Just download the app, register for an account, and link a credit card or debit card to start earning cash back.

Q: Can I link more than one credit card to my Dosh app?

A: Yes. You can link as many debit cards and credit cards as you’d like and once your Dosh balance is over $25, you can add additional bank accounts and PayPal accounts as well.


Overall, Dosh is a pretty simple way to earn a little extra money, or save a few extra dollars, depending on how you look at it.

Getting started is free and incredibly quick and simple so you don’t have much to lose, especially if you already shop at the businesses Dosh is connected with.

If you’re one of those people that doesn’t mind spreading the word with your friends, family, and co-workers, you could even earn a little extra cash on the side for bringing people to Dosh.

Click here to download the Dosh app and get started with your free cash back rewards.

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