Market Hero Review – Does Alex Becker’s email marketing software work?

Market Hero is an email marketing and autoresponder software tool.Market Hero

In our Market Hero review, I’ll let you know if this email marketing tool is worth a buy.

Email marketing is a powerful part of your sales funnel.

But it’s only part of it.

Many autoresponders only care about email statistics, rather than the performance of your business and it’s sales funnels.

A high open rate means nothing if you can’t make sales, after all.

Market Hero aims to simplify email marketing and refocus on the business side of things.

Does it do its job?

Keep on reading our Market Hero review below.


1.) What is Market Hero? Market Hero is a subscription-based email marketing and automation software tool. Market Hero is also the name of the company that created the software tool. Market Hero was officially created in May 2015 by Alex Becker. It is currently headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

2.) Who is Alex Becker? Alex Becker is a tech entrepreneur, investor, author, and speaker. He is the founder of Market Hero.

3.) What are Alex’s other businesses? One of his first businesses was an SEO service business called Source Wave. Source Wave’s added an SEO education side to the business called Source University. Another business he started is KonKer, a freelance marketplace focused on speed and efficiency with bringing together businesses and freelancers. Alex started a non-tech business in the form of a supplement company called Spekter that he sold in 2019. He’s also done dropshipping. In addition to these companies, Alex manages lead generation and advertising for multiple SaaS clients. He sells courses on everything he does, from dropshipping courses to YouTube courses.

4.) What books did Alex write?  Alex’s book is called The 10 Pillars of Wealth: Mind-Sets of the World’s Richest People. It’s a motivational self-development book that focuses on breaking out of the 9-5 and creating your path to financial freedom through the power of business.

5.) What’s included in a Market Hero subscription? Market Hero’s software has drag-and-drop email automation, an attractive email builder, Facebook integration & automation, tag-based customer segmentation, the ability to integrate with multiple e-commerce and similar platforms, and various metrics regarding your business’s sales and revenue. Bonuses include a free course covering Shopify and email marketing, monthly webinars & trainings, access to some Facebook groups, and a t-shirt with the Market Hero logo on it.

6.) What is email marketing? Email marketing is the act of building an email list and sending them offers to increase sales. It’s like direct mail, but electronic.

7.) Why is email marketing important? Email marketing is one of the highest-ROI marketing methods there is. If you can cultivate a list of loyal, hungry buyers, you’ve essentially created a high ROI income stream for your business that requires little effort beyond writing emails.

8.) Why does Market Hero integrate with Facebook Messenger? According to Market Hero’s site, Facebook Messenger has higher open and click-through rates than email. Therefore, Facebook is an amazing lead generation tool if you can automate it properly.

9.) How do I contact Market Hero’s support team? Go to their website or one of their social media channels. On their website, there’s a chatbot you can use to speak to support. Market Hero support is available 24/7/365.

10.) What platforms can I integrate Market Hero with? Platforms you can integrate Market Hero with include Shopify, Clickfunnels, LeadPages, JVZoo, and Samcart.

11.) Does Alex have a Facebook group? Yes. There is a public group called The #HeroNation Email/Ecom Community Public Group and a closed group called Market Hero 8x Academy. Once you click join, you have to wait for a group admin to accept your request. I don’t think there’re any specific requirements to join the public one, but the closed one is for customers.

12.) What happens in Alex’s Facebook groups? Alex’s Facebook group is full of both his students and his customers. Members discuss e-commerce and digital marketing topics with each other. Alex answers questions and asks for feedback on his products.

13.) What differentiates Market Hero from other email marketing tools? Market Hero was built by a business owner for business owners, rather by an email marketer for other email marketers. In other words, it’s aim is to simplify email marketing as much as possible. Because of this, there’s more emphasis on results and revenue in your business than complicated features or abstract email marketing metrics. You can see this emphasis through all the tools and data Market Hero gives you.

14.) How much does Market Hero cost? Market Hero’s price changes depending on your mailing list size. It’s $19 per month for lists up to 1,000, $49 per month up to 3,000, $99 per month up to 7,500, $129 per month up to 10,000, $299 per month up to 25,000, $549 per month up to 50,000, $800 per month up to 75,000, and $950 per month up to 100,000.

15.) Are there yearly plans, and how much do they cost if yes? Market Hero offers yearly plans for a 15% discount on a monthly payment basis. For normal accounts, pricing is as follows: $194 per year for lists up to 1,000, $499 per year up to 3,000, $1,010 per year up to 7,500, $1,316 per year up to 10,000, $3,050 per year up to 25,000, $5,600 per year up to 50,000, $8,160 per year up to 75,000, and $9,690 per year up to 100,000.

16.) What are Enterprise Accounts? Market Hero provides you with an enterprise account if you have at least 150,000 email subscribers.

17.) How much do Enterprise Accounts cost per month? $1,354 per month for lists up to 150,000, $1,805 per month up to 200,000, $2,256 per month up to 250,000, $2,706 per month up to 300,000, $3,157 per month up to 350,000, $3,608 per month up to 400,000, $4,059 per month up to 450,000, and $4,510 per month up to 500,000.

18.) How much do yearly Enterprise subscriptions cost? Market Hero offers the same 15% annual discount for Enterprise accounts. Pricing is as follows: $13,811 per year for lists up to 150,000, $18,411 per year up to 200,000, $23,011 per year up to 250,000, $27,601 per year up to 300,000, $32,201 per year up to 350,000, $36,802 per year up to 400,000, $41,402 per year up to 450,000, and $46,002 per year up to 500,000.

19.) Does Market Hero have any setup costs? No.

20.) Does Market Hero have a free trial? Yes. Market Hero offers a 14-day free trial if you put your credit card down. Make sure to cancel your free trial before the trial period ends to avoid being charged for Market Hero if you aren’t interested.

21.) Is the free trial the same as the paid version? No. The free trial gives you access to the entire paid platform, but it imposes a mailing limit.

22.) Does Market Hero have any upsells? No.

23.) What is Market Hero’s refund policy? Your first payment comes with a 30-day, 100% money back guarantee. After the 30 days, every payment including the first one becomes non-refundable the moment you make the payment.

24.) Does Market Hero have an affiliate program? Yes. Affiliates can earn 30% recurring commission per month per Market Hero affiliate sale. However, according to a post Alex made in his Facebook group, you have to be invited. You have to join the group and prove to Alex you have a few customers to send his way before he makes you an affiliate.

25.) What resources does Market Hero provide its affiliates? Alex Becker provides the entire sales funnel, including the webinar. All you have to do is get your audience to opt into the webinar, and the funnel should take care of the rest of the conversion. Alex claims he spends up to $15,000 per day advertising these webinars and earns 3-4x returns on them.

26.) What is Market Hero’s BBB rating? It actually has two: A- for the “Addison, TX” location and F for the “Dallas, Texas” location.

27.) Is Market Hero a scam? No. Market Hero is a tool, so it’d be hard for Alex to get away with scamming people with a bad product without b7ing exposed. Based on the BBB ratings, customers have had issues with Market Hero. However, many of these complaints were about how customers couldn’t make money with the software.

28.) Comparable products: Aweber, MailChimp, GetResponse, Drip, Active Campaign, Klaviyo, Infusion Soft, Clickfunnels

Market Hero Review – Overview

Market Hero is a subscription-based email marketing and automation software tool created by Alex Becker.

You might know Alex from his incessant dropshipping course ads, but he’s done more than make $100 dropshipping just to turn around and sell dropshipping courses.

Since getting out of the Air Force, Alex has started and runs several businesses, mainly in software. For example, one of his first enterprises was an SEO service called Source Wave. That one’s now called Source University, and it’s changed its focus educating people on SEO.

Another one of his software ventures is KonKer, a freelance marketplace focused on speed and efficiency.

Outside of software, Alex started a supplement brand called Spekter Labs that he ran for a few years before selling it in 2019.

Alex has succeeded in dropshipping too.

He does do course sales at Alex Becker Academy, but he’s successful in each area he sells a course in.

And of course, there’s Market Hero.

Like other gurus, Alex likes to semi-obnoxiously flex his cars and other wealth indicators in his videos.

But we’re here to focus on the Market Hero, not Market Hero’s creator.

That being said, Market Hero is pretty good.

It rolls funnel-building, email marketing, and analytics into one platform. Rather than focusing on email marketing, Market Hero is sales-centric. It tracks sales, the values of your leads, simplifies funnel-building, automates your email marketing, and more.

Continue reading our Market Hero review for more details.


Market Hero’s main offering is its suite of email marketing features that focus on automation, ROI tracking, and optimization. Bonuses include a free course, monthly webinars & trainings, access to a Facebook group, and a t-shirt with the Market Hero logo on it.

There are several screens inside Market Hero you need to know about: Dashboard, Streams, Broadcast, Products, Leads, Finance, and Integrations.

Before the screens, however, let’s talk about Market Hero’s main selling points. 

Market Hero actually tracks every single lead’s value to your business using an “Earnings per Lead” calculator. You have plenty of ways to filter through leads so you can isolate the ones worth keeping around.

By keeping track of the value of your leads, you can calculate your ROI on advertising. This takes most, if not all of the guesswork out of ad spend because you simply have to compare your ad spend per lead to your value per lead.

You can then segment customers with Market Hero’s tag-based segmenting feature to optimize your sales.

There aren’t many other email marketing programs that analyze the value of each of your business’s leads, making Market Hero incredibly valuable to any business owner who has it.

On the campaign-building side, Market Hero lets you build beautiful emails and construct email campaigns with just a few clicks.

Market Hero also integrates with many platforms like Facebook Messenger, Shopify, and Clickfunnels so you can manage all your funnel components from one place.

Now, on to the screens, starting with your Dashboard.

Here’s where you go to get a quick glance at everything.

At the bottom of the page, Market Hero tracks various stats on your latest email broadcasts. Look over to the right and you’ll see a widget that tracks your stats on a daily basis.

The top has some other random bits of information, such as a “word of the day” and a “fact of the day”. Not sure if those serve any purpose, but they add a bit of personality to Market Hero.

Streams is where you can take advantage of Market Hero’s main benefit, automation.

Streams shows you your current email autoresponder campaigns and lets you build new one. When you click “new stream”, you’re taken to a visual, drag and drop workflow builder.

This builder lets you visually map out your entire funnel, allowing you to tweak it along the way. You can add triggers sequences and segmentation tags for more automation.

Each stream lets you build custom forms for further sales funnel personalization.

At the top, you’ll see the Earnings Per Lead metric. This is calculated per stream using your product data and customer purchase habits. It’s a powerful feature because you can determine at a glance if you need to adjust your email campaign or if you should double down on your current strategy.

Streams also has a reporting feature for further analysis of each of your funnels.

It’s less complex than other email marketing tools, but that’s the point of Market Hero.

Broadcast continues Market Hero’s email marketing features.

They’ve got 7 email templates in this screen. It’s not a lot and they aren’t mind-blowing, but they get the job done.

Broadcast emails aren’t generally as powerful as a well-written, automated email autoresponder campaign. However, a good broadcast email can supplement your revenue if you craft engaging copy and give your audience the right offer.

The Products screen is essential to the other parts of your Market Hero.

On this screen, you can add the products you sell for tracking purposes. When you’ve added products, Market Hero gives you a tracking code for each product that you can use to look up product data like sales and earnings per lead.

Speaking of leads…

You can sort through your leads on the Leads screen.

There are multiple options for sorting through your leads. One way is to filter by personal data like their name or email.

However, thanks to Market Hero’s tagging system, you can apply tags to leads to optimize your lead capture. You can search by these tags in the Leads screen.

If you have leads from other software, Market Hero is capable of integrating them to your account.

The Finance screen is quite basic.

It shows you revenue numbers from both your email and Facebook streams. In addition, you can compare products across different time periods.

Other than that, there isn’t much else on this screen.

It’s a nice addition overall, but this screen is missing too much other information like refunds or expenses to be worth checking often.

You can manage your Market Hero integrations on the Integrations screen.

One of these is Facebook. Integrating Market Hero with Facebook Messenger lets you use chatbot features to automate customer interactions on Facebook.

According to Market Hero, Facebook Messenger has higher open and click-through rates than email, which is already known as one of the highest ROI marketing methods.

Market Hero also integrates with Shopify. If you’re a dropshipper, you’re missing out on plenty of helpful data on your store if you don’t get a Market Hero account and integrate it.

The first bonus is a free course.

This course is a basic overview of Shopify and email marketing. It’s nothing groundbreaking, but because of its focus on Shopify and email marketing, it complements Market Hero’s software well if you want to get into dropshipping.

And it’s free, so you may as well take the course anyways.

Then, there are the monthly free trainings.

Alex holds a webinar with marketing experts each month to discuss cutting edge business and email marketing strategies.

Market Hero has two Facebook groups.

One is a public group called The #HeroNation Email/Ecom Community Public Group and the other is a closed group called Market Hero 8x Academy.

You do have to be accepted into the public group, but they don’t lay out any membership requirements so I think anyone can join.

Market Hero 8x Academy is geared towards customers of Alex’s 8x Academy course, but you can join if you’re only a Market Hero member.

Both groups are meant for members to share ideas and learn from each other to improve their businesses. Alex pops in often to answer questions and collect feedback on his products.

I don’t have to say much about the t-shirt. It’s purple and has a big, golden Market Hero logo on the front of it. You can post a selfie of yourself wearing the shirt in the public Facebook group if you so desire.


Market Hero has no direct upsells. Alex sells other courses as well as his other businesses’ products, but not directly in Market Hero.


Market Hero’s price changes depending on your mailing list size. It’s $19 per month for lists up to 1,000, $49 per month up to 3,000, $99 per month up to 7,500, $129 per month up to 10,000, $299 per month up to 25,000, $549 per month up to 50,000, $800 per month up to 75,000, and $950 per month up to 100,000.

You can also opt for yearly payments to save 15%. Annual [pricing is $194 per year for lists up to 1,000, $499 per year up to 3,000, $1,010 per year up to 7,500, $1,316 per year up to 10,000, $3,050 per year up to 25,000, $5,600 per year up to 50,000, $8,160 per year up to 75,000, and $9,690 per year up to 100,000.

Enterprise-level monthly pricing is $1,354 per month for lists up to 150,000, $1,805 per month up to 200,000, $2,256 per month up to 250,000, $2,706 per month up to 300,000, $3,157 per month up to 350,000, $3,608 per month up to 400,000, $4,059 per month up to 450,000, and $4,510 per month up to 500,000.

Opting for the Enterprise yearly subscription costs $13,811 per year for lists up to 150,000, $18,411 per year up to 200,000, $23,011 per year up to 250,000, $27,601 per year up to 300,000, $32,201 per year up to 350,000, $36,802 per year up to 400,000, $41,402 per year up to 450,000, and $46,002 per year up to 500,000.

Affiliate Program

Market Hero has an affiliate program. Affiliates can earn 30% recurring commission per month per Market Hero affiliate sale.

However, according to a post that Alex made in his public Facebook group, you have to be invited to the program. You have to join the group and prove to Alex you have a few customers to send his way before he makes you an affiliate.


Market hero is not a scam. It’s not for absolute beginners, though.

I’d recommend having a list before you signup for Market Hero despite the sliding price scale. After all, proper email marketing will make you plenty of money to cover your subscription fee and still pocket some profits.

Market Hero works best for product-based businesses, but dropshippers will find it especially useful. If you’re looking to get into dropshipping but want to cut your learning curve, Ecom Success Academy might be a good course to buy.

However, I’ll Paypal you $500 if you show me a better business to start than our method.

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