Zurvita: 15 things you should hear before you join [Review]

zurvitaIf you’re looking for wellness products that give you a new zest for life, you’re going to like Zurvita.

Zurvita is a popular health and wellness MLM that offers nutritional supplements like protein shakes and energy drinks.

Yep, the go-to wellness products.

This company is kind of like the people’s MLM—on the surface. With only four products and a simple business model, the company has really grown in recent years.

They win a lot of awards and recognition for employee and distributor satisfaction. Their people love them.

So are they right for you? We’ll let you decide.


1. What does Zurvita sell? Zurvita sells nutritional products designed to enhance your zeal for life.

2. What are Zurvita’s most popular products? Zeal is their top product: an energy and focus drink that’s packed with 50 functional superfoods, vitamins, and minerals. Also popular is their protein powder made with rice bran to support a busy and active life.

3. How much does it cost to join Zurvita? To become a Zurvita consultant, you’ll pay a $35 enrollment fee. You’ll then need to buy a Starter Pak, which ranges from $274.95 to $549.95. That covers Year 1. To remain active, you’ll be charged an annual renewal fee of $25, due on the anniversary date of your acceptance as a consultant.

4. Is Zurvita a scam? No. Zurvita is a real business with real products.

5. What is Zurvita’s BBB rating? A+

6. How long has Zurvita been in business? Since 2008

7. What is Zurvita’s revenue? $94 million

8. How many Zurvita distributors are there? 28,286

9. What lawsuits have been filed? In 2017, Truth in Advertising called out Zurvita for making misleading income claims. Most instances have been corrected. [1]

10. Comparable companies: Trevo, LifeVantage

So should you get involved with Zurvita?

I’m not saying you can’t make any money with them, but there are certainly better options out there for sustainable passive income…

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Either way, here are 15 things you should hear about Zurvita before you join.

#15. Originally founded as a tech MLM

Way back in 2008 (a lifetime in MLM-years), Zurvita sold business services like cell phones and tech support (like WGN).

But they basically just hit it and quit it, quickly rebranding to the more popular health and wellness industry. However, with every MLM and their mother selling protein and weight loss solutions, competition is no walk in the park.

#14. Very rocky start

It’s good they got out when they did, though.

When they started out, they were losing $300k per year. Basically just burning mortgages-worth of cash.

#13. Partnered with BusinessOpportunity.com for recruitment

In June of 2018, Zurvita partnered with BusinessOpportunity.com to leverage its strong web presence to help recruit distributors. [2] That should help more people learn about Zurvita, which could help them grow.

#12. Only four products

They’re the four you see everywhere in this industry.

Zeal for Life: This is their all-in-one blend of nutrients and supplements. They boost energy and help with weight maintenance, coming in five flavors. Three are vegan.

Zurvita Protein: termed a “nutritional powerhouse”, their protein powder has 26 essential vitamins and minerals and comes in two flavors.

Zurvita Burn: this is a fat burner for people who want to lose weight quick (aka everyone).

Zurvita Cleanse: this is an herbal probiotic cleanse.

Weight Management program: of course they have one. It combines the Zurvita Burn and Zurvita Cleanse with motivational and educational materials.

#11. Nutritional principles

Their products might be typical, but they are based on sound, healthy, research-driven principles of nutrition, which isn’t quite so typical. Their formulas differ from popular competitors like Isagenix, providing them with a unique edge in such a cutthroat market.

In addition to being completely healthy, their products are also gluten-free, vegan, and kosher. They aren’t certified organic, but they’re naturally-sourced. [3]

#10. Iffy refund policy

They have a 30-day money back guarantee they offer customers, and it sounds legit.

But the customers return product to the Independent Consultants for their money back. If the ICs then want to return the product to Zurvita for their money back, they have to “contact Customer Service.”

A good rule of thumb here: if you have to contact customer service and no further guarantees are given, you’re probably not getting your money back. [4]

#9. Not FDA approved

There’s really no certification or approval from government bodies to prove this product works.

There has been a study conducted by a Canadian clinical research firm, and they found that 2 Zeal products per day does help with mood, energy, and activity levels. That’s a lot more proof than most MLMs can give. [5]

#8. No proof of weight loss or management

While the clinical study proves the juice can help with mood and energy, there is no proof behind the weight loss claims.

And their weight loss program is the one product that doesn’t offer a money back guarantee.

#7. Spokesperson you can trust

Zurvita products now have a face: Peter Nielsen. [6] He’s the new Zurvita Challenge Coach, and he’s a pretty well-known personal training.

He was named Trainer of the Year by Self Magazine AND Muscle and Fitness Magazine. He’s also the spokesperson for the Chron’s and Colitis Foundation and has authored several books.

#6. Named one of the best places to work in direct selling

Direct Selling News named them as one of the 7 best places to work in direct selling for 2016, 2017, and 2018.

This is great news. It means not only are they performing well, but their distributors enjoy working for them and feel highly engaged and supported.

#5. Traditional values

In addition to being very family-focused in their marketing (“Zurvita is about families helping other families.”), they’re built on the following three founding principles:

  1. Honor & glorify God
  2. Develop humble leadership
  3. Create a company where people can win at every level [7]

For some distributors, this can be really rewarding and helpful.

For those who don’t necessarily fall under the same belief system, it can be alienating.

#4. You can’t really do anything without buying a Starter Pak

It costs $35 to enroll, but you really have to buy a Starter Pak to, well, get started.

These range from $274.95-$549.95. That’s a huge start-up cost.

#3. Compensation structure

You get paid through:

  • Daily retail sales
  • Weekly builders bonuses
  • All-star bonus
  • Team bonus
  • Rank bonus
  • Residual overrides

Their compensation plan isn’t example simple—or they wouldn’t need a 25 page PDF to explain it. [8]

Commission from regular purchases is 20%, (you get some one-time bonuses of around $50 if your customer signs up for certain monthly packages), which isn’t a ton. If you sign up 3 preferred customers in a month your next month’s Wellness Pak Cannister is free.

Weekly builders bonuses range from $50-100 when you sponsor new consultants who buy certain starting packages. Other special bonuses occur within the first 30 days to get consultants wanting more.

Overrides are earnings on your downline, up to 8 levels, you earn 5% in overrides, as well as additional bonuses at certain levels. You can unlock infinity overrides at higher levels.


Commission on sales isn’t good. But, the fact that you can unlock infinity overrides is great, if you can get there.

#2. Recruitment important

20% is very low for commission on sales. And moving up in rank relies almost entirely on your team’s sales rather than personal sales.

Obviously, you have to recruit to make good money.

#1. Most consultants are not making much

This is par for the course for MLMs. Usually, only a select few are making not only good money but enough money to live off full time.

The large majority are on their second rank, Managing Consultant (60%), making an average of $361 PER YEAR. Another 23% are on their first rank, business consultant, making $134 PER YEAR on commission.

Depending on what kind of inventory they’ve purchased, they may not even be paying back their sign on investment. This means that only 1 out of every 5 Zurvita consultants are even paying off the sign on investment, let alone making an income.

Nearly ¼ consultants weren’t even eligible to earn ANY commission.

The only people making a livable income are the highest two categories, Presidential Directors (making about $24k, still not much) and Ambassadors (making about $136k on average, good, but nothing astounding). These last two still equate to less than 1% of the company.

As of July 2015, there were 50 people in total making an above average income with Zurvita. [9]

This is pretty bleak, honestly, even for an MLM.


While they may have great products, the income opportunity with Zurvita is challenging. You are competing up against billion dollar health companies that dominate certain spaces in the health industry.

Not saying it would be impossible to make money, but there are better options out there if money is what you are looking for.

Look, I’ve been involved with network marketing for over ten years so I know what to look for when you consider a new opportunity.

After reviewing 200+ business opportunities and systems out there, here is the one I would recommend:

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