Oriflame wants to be Prom Queen at the MLM Ball, and they just might win the crown…if they can knock out a few serious contenders on their way to the top. Their vision is to become the #1 beauty direct sales company in the world, and they’re only a few slots off. However, some of [...]

OneCoin is a network marketing company that offers a digital cryptocurrency product similar to BitCoin. Cryptocurrency is on the rise as far as popularity goes, but this company has a shady past. If you're reading this review in hopes of generating sustainable income, there are much better ways to do it than OneCoin. Click here [...]

Omnilife is a popular Latin network marketing company headquartered in Guadalajara, Mexico. Their founder went from selling street tacos in Guadalajara, to smuggling thousands of $$$s worth of Herbalife supplements across the U.S.-Mexican border, to billionaire, CEO and movie producer. Omnilife is pretty much the "Latin American Herbalife" as the two companies' products are strikingly [...]

Pampered Chef is a popular network marketing company that offers home and kitchen products via the direct sales model. Living room parties, three-way calls and Facebook friend prospecting are routine tactics with these guys. Despite all that, something is working for Pampered Chef, or they wouldn't be owned by one of the top 5 largest companies [...]

Norwex is a Norwegian eco-friendly MLM founded in 1994 that specializes in green and organic products. The timing was impeccable for this company - they entered the market for chemical-free cleaning products in the mid-90s, during the revival of bohemian, bell bottom wearing hippies and the birth of the movement for all-natural, organic products. Competing [...]

Numis Network was an MLM company with a precious metal and rare coin auto-ship program for the coin collecting enthusiasts. There's actually a pretty solid market for these collectible rare coins and Numis cashed in on it while they could... But in 2013, popular luxury travel MLM World Ventures bought out Numis and since then, the website no longer exists [...]

INFINii is a network marketing company that offers business coaching with a money making opportunity for members who bring their friends on board. Have you ever stumbled upon a business opportunity that offers big cash in exchange for no experience, no knowledge, and no real work? Well, INFINii pretty much claims to be just that. [...]

Neways is a network marketing company founded in 1987 offering chemically safe products. The eco-friendly beauty and cosmetics MLM is getting a sophisticated makeover in the form of a new name - Modere. But the history behind Neways is actually pretty interesting (hint: illegal distribution of prescription drugs) and you should probably be aware before considering their [...]

Jamberry is a cosmetic network marketing company that sells products and accessories for manicures and pedicures. Having the nails done has become more than just a social status among women, it's an essential. But taking regular trips to the spa adds up and can get expensive so Jamberry is here to offer an alternative. The [...]

THW Global is a network marketing company that offers rewards for members who use their video platform and watch advertisements. Getting paid to watch videos sounds too good to be true, and we all know what they say about things that sound too good to be true…But that's exactly what THW Global is going after. So [...]